MOS’ Ongoing Medical Record Review Services – an Asset to the Solomon Law Group

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Case Studies


A leading law firm known for its extraordinary client approach and exceptional delivery of legal services, The Solomon Law Group provides legal assistance to citizens of South Carolina in personal injury, car accident, truck accident, product liability, negligence and other cases. With the right lawyers and the right staff, this firm with their office in South Carolina helps clients receive the type of representation he or she deserves.

The owner of the firm, Carl L. Solomon is frequently hired by other attorneys to offer his experience as a litigator to overcome liability or injury issues and seek a fair and reasonable verdict in their cases. His expertise in handling complex cases provides clients with the security of having a proven litigator as their advocate.


As this client’s firm was growing, they didn’t have the required staff to handle all of their cases. When they slowly started running behind and started missing deadlines, they decided to outsource their medical record review to an HIPAA-compliant company with good reputation. Their major focus was the quality of the work that was done, and also wanted a free trial before signing up to outsource their cases.

They came to know about MOS’ services through our website and felt that we looked like a company they could work with.


MOS initially provided them with a trial service without any charges. Impressed by the quality of the work, we started our relationship. Our primary goal was to catch up with all pending cases, which we were able to accomplish quickly. We provided services in two different ways as per the client’s requirements. In general, we provide medical record review (MRR) in a particular format that is either a ‘summary’ which is in paragraph format or linear which is more of a table. This client wanted MRR in Excel format which was new to us but after a couple of meetings with the law office, we were quickly able to accommodate their requirement.

The client uploaded medical records into ‘Files anywhere’, a secure, remote file storage and sharing tool. MOS fetched them from this tool and our team worked on it. Once the work was completed, a secure link was sent to the client so that they could download the completed files. We are providing the client with a 7 business day TAT excluding weekends & holidays. Any support needed by the client is provided via emails & phone calls. A dedicated manager has been provided by MOS to the client to manage all expectations.

MOS has increased our staff depending on the quantity of work increase. There has been a steady rise in the cases we handle.


The client is very happy with the quality of our work. Our consistent support has allowed the client to handle more work on their end. Even better, MOS was referred to another law firm – This ongoing project has allowed us to continue our relationship for 5 years now, starting April 2013.

Experienced in providing reliable medical record and chart review services since 2002, MOS is capable of absorbing any volume of work sent as per the client’s requirements.

This project has helped MOS and to handle different types of cases. The client is very creative and expects a similar approach from MOS, which has given a good experience to our team. We will continue to provide nothing but the best.

Discover our medical record review solutions and partner with us for your next case.

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