Qualitative and Quantitative MRR and Data Entry Services by MOS

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Case Studies


MOS is an organization providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions spanning various branches including legal, medical and corporate fields. Data entry, medical billing, medical record review (MRR), legal transcription, and document scanning and conversion are just some of the services we provide.

Our client, Martinian & Associates, Inc is a successful and experienced law firm based in LA, California practicing in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury and pharmaceutical & medical device litigation.


The client required MRR services in the realm of personal injury, and also needed data entry services for claim forms. The challenge was that they had nearly 50 cases to work on before the court deadline loomed. They had only 3 days left to get the job done.


Martinian & Associates approached us, and since they could easily understand the details of our functioning, and were also impressed by our approach, they handed over the work without even asking for a trial. And so MOS got to work, and its team completed 12 cases in one weekend which was bang on target with the client’s expectation. The sheer volume of work done did not compromise on its quality in any way.


This was a onetime project that exceeded the client’s expectations. It took a total of 3 days, which was the total time the client could allow us before the court deadline. MOS completed the work ahead of the deadline. The client was very pleased and impressed with the quality as well as the quantity of work we were able to complete at such short notice. They took down our information for future reference. The details MOS worked on were found to be accurate by the court, which enabled Martinian & Associates to win those cases.

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