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Trial Preparation with Expert Support


Medical litigation involves medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases. Such unique cases entail complicated medical issues that need to be understood if the case is to be defended successfully in court. Attorney and staff time required for trial preparation can be overwhelming, which calls for reliable assistance in this important task. Medical records and depositions are important raw material among others such as investigation reports, information from client interviews, written discovery and information from experts, when you are preparing for the ensuing trial. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can assist you with timely and efficient medical review services that will ensure successful assimilation of all medical data relevant to your case.

Trial Preparation with Expert Support

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Flawless Medical Record Review for Trial Preparation


Here is how we ensure that the medical data you need is ready much before the trial date.

  • The medical records are sorted, organized and indexed as they arrive.
  • Our medical reviewers review the medical records, identifying each and every care provider and ensure that all their records are obtained.
  • A provider list is developed that will later help in creating a fact witness list as the case nears trial.
  • The relevant pages in the medical charts that will serve as trial exhibits are tagged and copies made.
  • A medical chronology is created pertaining to patient identification, medical care, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes, and treatment.
  • A medical summary is also created. The chronology and summary will help you with the medical aspects of the case. They will serve to help other trial team members also to understand the medical issues involved.
  • Depositions and past testimonies are analyzed and summarized to identify inconsistencies in the medical records.
  • Source document chronology is created with hyper linking and organizing for printing purposes.

Dynamic Support with Your Trial Exhibits


MOS is always at the forefront in incorporating the latest advanced technology to provide customized services to its clients. We can assist in the preparation of your trial exhibits and other demonstrative evidence such as videos, photos, blowups and more. Our skilled professionals can help you with PowerPoint presentations and accurate 3-D animations that would visually illustrate your case. Using advanced software we can show important data such as date, time and events, and complement your argument by attaching your trial exhibits with your timeline notes.

Our trial preparation support solutions:

  • We organize your trial exhibits
  • Get your documents ready for trial
  • Prepare trial binders
Trial Preparation Support
Trial Preparation Service

Win Your Case with MOS’ Trial Preparation Service


As a reliable firm offering value-added, HIPAA compliant services, MOS adheres to the latest industry security standards when dealing with your sensitive data. With an expert team to assist you, state-of-the-art technology, multi-level QA and customized TAT, you are assured dedicated services that will help you win your case.

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