Deposition Summary Services

In-depth Deposition Summary Services


Deposition summary is an invaluable tool in trial preparation as well as during the entire litigation process. As a deposition summary company we provide an objective, clear and short summary of the main points of a deposition transcript. Our experienced staff can create the summaries in any format and follow any specific directions required for your practice.

Deposition summary outsourcing is a less expensive alternative to preparing the summaries in-house. We will ensure productivity and efficiency. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can help you manage your deposition transcripts quickly and easily with timely, efficient, and affordable deposition summary services.

Deposition Summary Services

Get Customized Services with 30 – 50% Cost Savings

Get the key points from each deposition without having to go through the whole transcript!
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Highly Professional Deposition Summary Transcripts


Our summaries are prepared by a team of highly qualified summarizers, which includes paralegals and professional writers with years of experience. Our team comprises medical and legal professionals along with other personnel with specialized backgrounds in law, technology, science and English.

Our team’s success is based on “Expertise, Knowledge and Accuracy

What makes our team special?

  • in-depth understanding of the litigation process
  • excellent command over the English language
  • expertise in creating deposition summaries
  • clear idea about the challenges with any type of litigation

What our team does:

  • Carefully extract the facts from the testimony
  • Accurately record dates, figures, names and exhibits
  • Highlight key events and actions
  • Organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs

Our team can convert even complex deposition testimonies into an easy-to-use format, which saves you valuable time.

Customized Deposition Summary Services


Here are the value-added solutions our team provides.

  • Prepare for pretrial motions, prepare interrogatories for witness examination at trials, and locate deposition testimony for witness impeachment
  • Highlight significant testimony and issues, locate exhibits, and cross reference testimony on specific issues or exhibits
  • Cross-reference testimony among several deponents
  • Transcripts of summaries for cases such as personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice, sexual harassment and more
  • Summaries by table of contents, narratives, chronological ordering of events, topics, and indexes

Deposition Summary Process

Our deposition summary process in just three steps

Client provides deposition testimony

Our legal team reads, reviews, annotates and summarizes the transcript

Summaries are then proofread and checked for quality and accuracy

Each member of the team has signed a confidentiality agreement and is fully aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality. We have strict measures in place to ensure absolute security and privacy of the data entrusted to us. All transfer of files are done through our secure servers.

Reasons to Count on MOS


Strict data security and privacy measures in place

Dedicated team assigned to each client

Summaries can be delivered in any format from word, PDF to epub.

Hyperlinked to source

QA in each department

Responsive customer service

Faster turnaround time (TAT) in keeping with client requirements

Competitive pricing

Deposition summary services provided by our deposition summary company are built around the concept of keeping it affordable while delivering it with highest quality and accuracy.

Get reliable deposition summaries to be used for

  • Key point analysis
  • Fact finding
  • Gathering accurate exhibit information
  • Expert witness summary
  • Witness preparation
  • Pretrial testimony
  • Damage assessment

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