Medical Record Retrieval Services

Medical Record Retrieval Services

Medical records form the foundation of many legal cases – personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, social security disability and more. Medical record retrieval is a crucial service for attorneys and law firms.

Benefit from rapid medical record retrieval services with MOS.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides medical record retrieval solutions for insurance companies, law firms and corporate legal departments. We can handle large volume medical record collection efficiently with a skilled and experienced chart retrieval team and state-of-the-art software system that is designed to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Let us help you retrieve the medical documentation you need for your medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, personal injury and insurance defense cases as well as class action cases.

Forget those hurdles related to medical record retrieval. We help to retrieve, organize, and review all types of medical records that lawyers and insurers need for the cases or claims they’re dealing with.

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Medical Record Retrieval Process

3-Step Record Retrieval Process


Once we determine the medical records required, our team provides a HIPAA-compliant Release of Information to request these records from the healthcare provider.


Proper follow-up is done to record and track all correspondence and communications with the provider. We contact the facility to ensure that our request has been received.


Retrieved medical records are transferred safely to clients. Based on your request, we review all the records to extract crucial facts that support trial preparation for lawyers and claim approval process for insurers.

Customized Record Retrieval Services

When you entrust your records retrieval job to MOS, you can expect speedy completion of the project within your required turnaround time.

  • The turnaround time is customizable, overnight to multiple days or weeks.
  • All our services are adhered to HIPAA guidelines and standards. Your client records are safe with us.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining the highest industry standards, and providing high quality of work. We ensure that all the medical records we retrieve are audited, and even randomly recheck the medical charts already reviewed by our QA team.
  • Our records retrieval team is on call 24×7 to provide you with economical, superior-quality records retrieval and litigation support.
  • Our pricing is affordable and customized to meet individual client specifications and requirements.
  • We can retrieve records locally and nationally.
  • We ensure that the records you receive are complete in every respect, accurate and organized according to your specifications.
  • We can request and followup on an agreed upon time frame to gather records as the patient continues his/her treatments.
  • Track, retrieve and view the digitized medical records via our secure online platform.

Other Medical Record Review Services

Unique Combination of Dedicated Workforce and Advanced Technology

We take pride in our dedicated workforce comprising records retrieval specialists, physicians and nurses that have meticulously developed a foolproof, time-tested strategy for speedy and efficient medical record retrieval. We utilize advanced technology to provide the best service to our valued clients.A project manager is assigned to each client to monitor the progress of work assigned and ensure completion on time.

Obtaining the documents you need for case review and litigation is simple with MOS as your records retrieval partner.

Our Value Propositions

  • Cost-effective service with assured 30% to 40% cost savings for our clients
  • Quick and efficient chart retrieval
  • Comprehensive request tracking options
  • High-volume record retrieval within minimum turnaround time
  • Superior quality, reliable service
    Improved productivity and revenue
  • Customized documentation
  • Multilevel quality assurance and audit trail
  • Responsive customer service
  • No long-term yearly contracts to sign
    24/7 support

Benefit from Confidentiality, Security and HIPAA Compliance

At MOS, confidentiality for your medical records is our prime objective. We are HIPAA-compliant and ensure that your sensitive data is protected at all costs. Our staff is trained in confidentiality and security. We are fully aware of the challenges our medical-legal clients face and provide flawless, innovative and comprehensive solutions appropriate to each client.

Let us simplify your document retrieval task with our value-added medical record retrieval services. Get in touch with us today at 1-800-670-2809 or send an email to for more information.



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