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Medical chart review plays a pivotal role in the legal landscape, especially for attorneys involved in medical malpractice or personal injury cases. The careful examination of medical records is crucial for building a strong case. Both plaintiff and defense attorneys rely on these reviews to understand the medical history, treatment, and outcomes of their clients, enabling them to identify instances of negligence or malpractice. Proper organization and review of medical records is what helps attorneys to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a case and take a decision whether to pursue it or not.

Medical Chart Review Services

At Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), we provide professional medical chart review services for attorneys, lawyers and other medico-legal entities. Our medical record review services are affordable and ensure you cost savings in the range of 30 – 40%. You pay for complete pages and not input pages. Alternately, you can pay a flat fee without consideration of how big the chart is.

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Expert Medical Chart Review Services


We collect, organize, review, interpret and analyze medical records for all legal cases related to –

  • Personal injury
  • Insurance defense
  • Social security disability
  • Mass tort cases
  • Class action litigation
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical negligence
  • Life care planning
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Product liability
  • Workers’ compensation
Our services cover:

  • Medical records indexing: We accurately organize, categorize, and index medical documents, creating a structured and easily accessible database. This allows legal professionals to swiftly locate specific information critical to their cases. Our indexing process includes categorizing records by date, treatment type, and medical provider, ensuring a systematic approach to information retrieval.
  • Organization of medical records by type: We specialize in categorizing medical records systematically based on treatment types, ensuring a streamlined and easily navigable system for legal professionals. This meticulous organization allows attorneys to access and review medical information with unparalleled ease, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ health history.
  • Medical summary reports: We summarize complex medical information into clear, concise reports. This aids legal professionals in case preparation and strategy development. These well-crafted summaries serve as a crucial resource for legal professionals, offering a comprehensive overview of treatments and medical complexities, ensuring informed decision-making.
  • Medical case chronology: We specialize in creating chronological timelines of medical events, providing attorneys with a clear and organized overview of the patient’s healthcare journey. Our medical case chronologies serve as a roadmap for attorneys, illustrating the sequence of diagnoses, treatments, and interventions, thus facilitating a strategic approach to case presentation.
  • Medical record review transcription in custom format: We understand the unique requirements of medical record reviews in legal proceedings, and our team transcribes complex medical information into a format that aligns precisely with your preferences. Whether you need a specialized layout, designated sections, or specific formatting requests, we can deliver transcripts that seamlessly integrate with your workflow.
  • Trial preparation support: From organizing and summarizing case-related documents to assisting in the selection and coordination of expert witnesses, we ensure that legal professionals are well-equipped to build compelling cases. Our support extends to crafting persuasive legal arguments, preparing exhibits, and conducting legal research to strengthen the overall trial strategy.

Our Medical Chart Review Process Steps

Medical Chart Review Process

Why Choose Our Medical Record Review Services

  • Experienced team: Trained and experienced medical review team specialized in assessing damages in injury cases.
  • Social security disability expertise: Well-versed in social security disability guidelines to assist in handling disability cases effectively.
  • Insightful services: Professionals with long-term experience collaborating with insurance companies and attorneys, offering insights beyond mechanical medical record reviews.
  • Comprehensive case analysis: We identify pre-existing patient problems, prior medications, and other critical medical conditions for a thorough case understanding.
  • Record management: Skillful in identifying missing records and arranging to obtain them, ensuring completeness in the review process.
  • Efficient mass tort handling: Specialized strategies for mass tort cases, enabling quick evaluation of large medical data volumes and simplifying the review process.


Medical Case Chronology Solutions

Our trained and experienced medical review team specializes in providing a clear understanding of the extent of damages in injury cases, and their potential long-term impact on the client.

We review and summarize records accurately, while you prepare for the trial!

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Our office has been using MOS Medical Record Review for some time now. They are always quick to respond to our request. Their medical records summaries are precise and worth every penny. Since using MOS, the value of our cases has increased and attorneys are better equipped for depositions. Thank you Jan for all that you do!

Bethany R.

We have been using MOS Med Record Review for about 2 years. MOS has been timely, and accurate in their summary of the medical records they have done for us. When the physician using the summaries wanted the summaries to be presented differently, MOS was very responsive and made the necessary changes and provided the summaries as requested. We have been extremely happy with MOS’ representative Jan who, when issues have come up, always made us feel like she represents us the customer, not MOS her employer.

Raymond Ramirez

We have been using Managed Outsource for a while now for our medical reviews.  They are always quick to respond and to get the reviews done.  Easy to talk to and to work with.  It is our pleasure working with this company.  I highly recommend them to anyone.

Donna Howe

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