Medical Record History and Summary

Concise Medical Case History and Summary for Informed Decision-making


Summarizing the medical information is important for attorneys to understand the medical events and facts related to personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice/negligence cases, and mass tort cases. Medical record history and summary is an important process in the medical record review cycle.

Medical Record History and Summary

Medical record history includes all the data concerning the patient’s illness and its management. The medical record summary will contain a concise description of the accident/injury and of the emergency care provided at the scene of the event and at the ER. It will also provide details of hospital stay, the treatment provided and the results of diagnostic testing. Other information provided includes the treating physician’s remarks on the causation of the injuries, prognosis and permanency.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has extensive experience providing medical record organization, medical record history and medical record summary services for clients in the medico-legal industry.

We prepare a flawless record summary of all medical events to help attorneys

  • access the key points easily
  • evaluate the claim or case correctly
  • find out key areas they can capitalize on

Save your valuable time in organizing medical records and referring to each and every medical document while preparing the case.

Benefit from our years of experience in the industry and minute attention to detail.

Cost savings of 30 – 40% vs the competition with stringent QA measures in place to ensure quality and accuracy.

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Reliable Medical Record Summary Services


Our team of reviewers and legal nurse consultants are well-versed in the medico-legal technology vocabulary, and they understand the nuances of civil litigation.

We create brief or detailed medical record summaries based on a comprehensive medical chart review to provide all details related to the various medical encounters of a patient.

Our medical records summary includes all important details such as

  • Date of Injury or DOI
  • Causation of the injury or illness
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan (s)
  • Treatment Providers and Dates of Treatment
  • Permanent impairment
  • Future medical needs
  • Definition of medical terms for quick reference and more

Distinguishing Features of Our Medical Record Summary


The medical records summary we prepare will highlight all crucial aspects of the case.

  • Our medical summaries are complete and clear so that you need not spend time trying to understand complex medical facts.
  • We present clinical data in chronological or reverse chronological order. A good medical record chronology provides a detailed timeline of events.
  • For a comprehensive understanding of the case, we prepare medical chart summary for the entire set of medical records, whether they are related or unrelated to the event.
  • Our summaries are not created mechanically. They are prepared after detailed medical review and analysis of the medical records and will help you in your efforts to handle the case successfully.
  • We prepare an accurate timeline that shows the sequence of events starting from the first day of treatment until the discharge date.
  • All medical issues are clearly highlighted for easy understanding – history of present illness, past medical history, family history, social history, and surgical history. All current medications and allergies, and tests undergone are clearly recorded.
  • Clear indication will be made regarding missing medical records.
  • We can also provide a summary of medical expenses involved.
  • Our medical case summaries are customized, concise and factual and delivered in your preferred format.
  • We can embed hyperlinks throughout the summary for a better understanding of the facts.

Have a clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your case with a reliable and accurate medical case summary.

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Medical Record Summary – Samples


Here are a few samples of our medical record review formats. Over the years we have done more than half a million medical record reviews in varying formats. We can customize and create any format you like.

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 1

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 2

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 3

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 4