Medical Case Chronologies

Detailed Medical Chronologies for Solid Case Management


A medical case chronologies presents an accurate timeline of all medical encounters the patient experienced from the time of injury to the time of discharge. They are highly significant tools in medical litigation and help the attorney to understand the sequence of medical events. Preparing chronologies is time-consuming and laborious, and is a process that can be safely outsourced to a reliable company like Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS). A leading outsourcing company with more than a decade’s experience in the industry, MOS provides complete support to the medical record review industry.

Medical Case Chronology Preparation

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Medical Case Chronologies – a Vital Service for Legal Professionals


In medical litigation, aspects such as date, time and care provided are very important because these have a bearing on the course of the case.

  • Our review professionals evaluate, analyze, list and summarize all medical records into chronological format; and prepare a detailed timeline of all medical encounters.
  • The chronologies we develop contain details such as date of service, time of service, source medical records, care provided and other relevant facts pertaining to each record.
  • Legal case chronologies are useful information charts that act as powerful tools for attorneys preparing for trial. It would help them decide whether there are enough evidences that are acceptable in the courtroom, and have a clear understanding as regards causation, injury, severity of damage and whether the claimed damage is related to the causation.

Select the Medical Record Chronology Service that Optimally Addresses Your Needs


Use the accurate chronologies we provide to develop your case well. With the medical chronology listed, we can then add on the component of explaining the case’s medical components in the required language / narrative / summary format.

Our services are structured on a continuum of increasing complexity, detail, and analysis. You can select the service that will optimally address your needs.

For example:

  • Abstraction
    • Extract the most important pieces of information from the medical records
  • Episodic
    • Highlight relevant details from focused periods of care
    • E.g. discharge summaries, history & physicals, operative reports
  • Collaborative
    • Specific to claimant/patient problems
    • E.g. EMG/NCV report; MRI report; durable medical equipment
Medical Record Chronology Service

Proven Expertise and Flexible Options

We have done more than 100,000 medical charts and have established an excellent track record in the industry with our customized medical case chronologies and medical record summaries. We have QA staff in each department to audit all activities on a daily basis. This makes sure that the output files are of excellent quality and ideally meet client requirements.

Medical Record Summary – Samples


Here are a few samples of our medical record review formats. Over the years we have done more than half a million medical record reviews in varying formats. We can customize and create any format you like.

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 1

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 2

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 3

Medical Record Summary - Samples

Sample 4