MOS’ Medical Record Review Services for a Texas-based Personal injury Law Firm

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Case Studies


Established in 1995, this law firm, serving clients in Arlington and Houston, Texas is dedicated to helping its clients with their personal injury and family legal matters. The founder of this law firm has long-term experience and a proven track record in several areas of personal injury and family law. Now, recognized with an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, this firm’s founder has established himself with the highest level of skill and integrity through the legal community and with clients.

This reliable firm helps in providing the level of knowledge and experience for a good legal representation. For over 20 years, this firm has been representing clients in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and throughout the state of Texas in personal injury, family law, divorce, construction accidents, contract disputes and business litigation. It gives straight answers and a realistic appraisal of the legal issues whether you suffered a debilitating injury, requires legal help for your personal or family law needs, or need advice and legal counsel for your business.

They got to know about the services provided by MOS through our website and felt that we looked like a company they could work with. They contacted us for the same reason and decided to give us a try. For the last five years, i.e., since 2013, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has been providing medical record review services successfully to this law firm.


As this firm was small initially & slowly started growing, they didn’t have the required staff to handle all of their cases which also grew in numbers. Therefore, they decided to outsource their work related to medical record review. The client wanted a company with good reputation and which was HIPAA-compliant. Quality of the work was their major concern and they wanted a trial before actually going ahead with outsourcing their medical record review needs.


Being an experienced medical record review company, MOS was able to answer all of the client’s queries and get back to them on time. We also provided them with a trial service for free. Impressed by the quality of work that was done and the pricing provided, they decided to use our services. They in particular liked the customer services provided by our expert team. We were able to help then to catch up with all of their cases.

The medical record review was done remotely. The client uploaded medical records into our secure portal, from which MOS fetched them and the team worked on it. After the work was completed, a secure link was sent to the client so that they could download the finished files.

Production and turnaround time

We are providing the client with a 7 business day TAT. Support is provided via emails & phone calls. A dedicated Manager has been assigned by MOS to the client to cater to all of their requirements. MOS has increased our staff to support our increased workload and keep the required turnaround time.

It has always been our policy to cater to our clients’ needs no matter how big or small they are. We also enhanced the client’s ability to do more with our services. We want to grow with our clients and that’s exactly what happened in this instance.


The client is very happy with the quality of work and turnaround time. Workload has increased. Our ability to handle more work has in turn created a substantial growth in the client’s business. A relationship of over 5 years is something we are proud of.

As a business, MOS is capable of absorbing any volume of work sent as per the client’s needs and hence we are helping the client grow their business. In our opinion communication has been a major factor in growing this relationship. We are able to accommodate a rush when needed. We consider our ability to be flexible an asset that all our Clients appreciate.

As the client grows, our business grows, which takes us back to our primary objective – “To help our Clients prosper”.

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