Law Office in Louisiana Benefits from MOS’ Medical Record Review Services

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Case Studies


This client is a lawyer and belongs to a law office that processes medical records for insurance companies. They are a privately held company in Metairie, LA, categorized under Lawyers and Attorneys. Starting May 2018, MOS provided this client with medical record review services for three months.


This client came to know of MOS’ services through another lawyer in the same office who had previously used our medical record review services. Client wanted our team to help them with medical record review services for an insurance claim. The huge volume of medical records rendered for a specific case made it impossible for the client to review this in-house.

Completing the review of ~10,000 pages of medical records in a short time frame can be daunting. Client’s office was not staffed to handle that volume of records. Hence, they decided to outsource their work as it was more cost-effective, and their timeline could be met. The client wanted to partner with a company known to have a good reputation and experience in this field. They reviewed MOS’ website and felt that we looked like a company they could work with. They contacted us for the same reason and decided to give us a try.


Even though we offered to provide a trial service without any charges, the client refused as we had already worked with another lawyer in their law office in the past & therefore, they were already assured of the quality of the work. The work was started immediately. The medical record review was done remotely. The client uploaded medical records into our secure server. We fetched them from the secure server and the team worked on it. After the work was completed, an email with a secure link was sent to the client so that they could download the finished files. We had provided the client with a 3-Week TAT (turnaround time), excluding weekends & holidays. Any support needed by the client is provided via emails and telephone. They liked the fact that our team was always available whenever required. We provided a dedicated manager for the client to cater to all their requirements.

This was a one-time project and the client was with us for 3 months. The overall process remains the same but here the quantity was vast.


The client was very happy with the turnaround time (TAT), quality of the work done and the response they got whenever they required anything. MOS was able to absorb whatever volume of work sent. Improvement in work was that the client was able to complete the work before the deadline. The client was happy that MOS was referred to them.

We expect to continue this relationship. This project has helped us to grow as well. If this client comes across more work they cannot handle, our MOS team would be there to help.

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