MOS Helps Healthcare Information Services Company Increase MRR Processing

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Our client is a healthcare information services company based on San Antonio, Texas and has been benefiting from our medical record review services since 2012.The company is providing life care planning and damages valuation services of the highest quality since 1988.

Consisting of a team of physician life care planners, vocational specialists, medical illustrators, neuropsychologists and professional economists, the company is in a field where you have less than 1% of the life care planners who are actually qualified physicians. But this company has practicing MDs specializing in physical medicine & rehabilitation, possessing the expertise to independently formulate and defend ongoing medical care recommendations.

The company has been providing medical-related litigation support for life care plans, vocational assessments, economic assessments, neuropsychological evaluations, Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) arrangements, medical illustrations, life care plan reviews, life care plan cost analysis & vendor surveys, and Day in Life videos.

The Challenge

The organization began small, as a practice of physiatrists. Their job is to decide what the patient needs for the rest of his/her life. They start by checking the patient’s medical records to figure out a plan, so they can go to court to bring to light the patient’s condition and the related cost.

As this work increased and the practice grew, the company decided to outsource the related medical record review work since they did not have the staff to handle the workload from all the cases. The client was looking for an HIPAA-compliant outsourcing company that enjoyed a good reputation. They wanted quality in the work being presented and therefore wanted a trial service before they actually went ahead with the outsourcing. They checked out the MOS website and felt that we could offer them what they required and that they could really work with us. They gave us a call.

The Solution

MOS answered all the queries the client had and promptly got back to them. We offered them a trial service for free. From our trial service, the client was totally impressed by the quality of work we submitted. They signed us up.

MOS has been able to work with various doctors from the company. A great deal of effort went into this, in terms of in-services, go-to meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. to help take their business from a small scale to a large scale. We needed to get everything done right since the way these cases are handled affects the future course of action that the client’s patients need to take.

We handled the medical record review remotely. The client uploaded medical records into ‘Files Anywhere’. MOS fetched them from ‘Files Anywhere’ and our team worked on it. After the work was completed, an email with a secure link was sent to the client so that they could download the finished files.

We now provide the client with a TAT of 7 business days. Additional time is sometimes required to complete a large number of medical records. We have assigned a dedicated manager, Jan, to the client to cater to all of their requirements. No regular meetings are conducted, but whenever the client needs to reach us we always make ourselves available. MOS was able to increase the staff depending on the quantity of work sought by the client and there has been a steady rise in the cases handled by MOS.

The Results

The most important result is that the client is extremely satisfied with the quality of work we’ve done. Our client company started has quadrupled our work since starting and continue to keep us busy. From starting out as a small firm, our client company has grown significantly since it is able to handle more cases than before. MOS was capable of absorbing any volume of work sent as per the client’s needs, and hence we have played a big role in the growth of the client’s business.

If the client needed to handle emergency cases, we were able to accommodate the rush 99% of the time. We have also provided the client with a good pricing and there has been no increase in the pricing till now. Because of the good work, we are now handling transcriptions for the client as well. Around 30 doctors of the client company are employing our services. We are doing a vast quantity of their transcription. MOS is the only company that the client has allowed to use them as referral.

This is an ongoing project and the client seems to want to continue our business relationship indefinitely. There have been no issues till now, and this has only proved our commitment to our objective, which is to help our clients prosper. And we have been growing with the client.

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