California Based Healthcare Client Chooses MOS to Review Medical Records

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Case Studies


This client is a doctor & her husband is a lawyer. Her office is in Riverside, California. They process the medical records for their legal work. MOS has been providing medical record review services for this client since May 2018.


The client suddenly received a vast amount of medical records for a rush medical record review. The office had already scheduled to be closed and the client was somewhat in a difficult situation. Even though they had a contract with another company, they were not very happy with their services. As they were sure that the work won’t be completed on time, they decided to outsource it.

The client wanted to partner with a company with a good reputation and experience in this field. Also, they were very particular of the quality & speed of the work that was done. It is through our website they became aware of MOS. They contacted us and decided to move forward.


Our team initially provided a trial for Medical Records Review with Chronology without any charges. The client was impressed by the quality of work delivered. We were assigned the project, and the medical record review was done remotely. The client uploaded medical records into our secure online portal. We fetched them from there and our team worked on it. After the work was completed, an email with a secure link was sent to the client so that they could download the finished files.

Any support needed by the client is provided on-time by our Project Manager and team via e-mails and telephone conversations. A dedicated manager has been provided to the client to cater to all their requirements.

This is an ongoing project and the client has been with us for over 3 months now. Turnaround time is 7 business days excluding weekends & holidays. TAT is 5 business days for Rush cases.


The client is very happy with the quality of the work done and MOS has been delivering the documents completed on time. We are capable of handling even large volumes of work. Once their urgent work got over, the client has continued to send multiple files monthly since MOS was able to provide competitive pricing. The client is satisfied with our capabilities and customer service which helped in building a good rapport. Our customer care & the way we responded to their queries was also something they liked about us.

With our support, the client was able to complete the work before the deadline. This is an ongoing project & the client seems to want to continue our business relationship indefinitely. She expects to increase the amount of work they send in the future as they complete their contract with their existing company. In about 6 months, the client plans to give all their work to MOS. That new work will consistently provide MOS with multiple cases per month.

This project is a little different from that of our other clients. The client already has a contract with another company and is sending us that work which is not covered under their existing contract. At MOS we don’t differentiate between clients and cater to everyone equally, irrespective of whether they are big or small clients.

The overall process remains the same otherwise. This project has helped us to grow as well. As the client can handle more cases, the business that comes from the client also grows our business and that has always been the primary objective of MOS – “To help our Clients prosper”.

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