Why Hire a Medical Records Retrieval Company?

by | May 6, 2015 | Record Retrieval Services

Personal injury lawyers depend on medical records to establish the extent of their clients’ injuries, prove that the other party is to blame and secure the right compensation for the client. Similarly, lawyers and attorneys representing insurance companies require the evidence provided by medical records to determine the legitimacy of an insurance claim and to establish medical fraud if any. Obtaining all the necessary medical documents can be very difficult and time consuming, which can be made easy with the support of a medical records retrieval firm. Lawyers who are hesitant to hire such an external provider can consider the following facts and understand the benefits of having a reliable agency working for them.

  • You can avoid the expenses of having an in-house records professional.
  • A professional outsourcing company is experienced in the field and knows whom to contact, what forms are to be filed and will ensure that all relevant documents are retrieved within the set timeline.
  • You can rest assured that they will not make any errors during the retrieval process.
  • You will have the crucial evidence you need to defend your client and convince the judge and jury.
  • A good company will ensure that your request are addressed processed quickly and you have the records well ahead of the trial.
  • Lighten the burden of your office team and enable them to attend to more important matters such as serving your clients, and preparing cases.

Make sure that you choose an expert when it comes to retrieving medical records. Only a pro in the field will ensure that HIPAA compliance is fully observed. Since they have intimate knowledge of the medical system and the regulations involved, they will ensure that the entire retrieval process is handled with expertise and finesse. Look for the following capabilities in your provider.

  • Established in the industry
  • On-line web-based interface
  • Speedy turnaround
  • Friendly, customized service
  • Cost savings ensured
  • Round-the-clock service.

Discover our medical record review solutions and partner with us for your next case.

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