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Tailored Solutions for Specialty Industries


Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) understands the unique attributes and specific requirements of the medical record review industry. We have been serving the industry for 13 years, providing value-added services to medical, legal and corporate clients. Our experience has equipped us with the knowledge and intuition to identify the individual requirements of our clients and offer a customized solution. Our team of experts works in perfect co-ordination to carry out the entire review process strictly adhering to HIPAA stipulations. We have registered nurse consultants on our team with the clinical experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive and timely review of the medical issues of each case.

Tailored Solutions for Specialty Industries

We make sure that all projects we undertake, whether big or small, are completed within the specified turnaround time.

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We Work Across a Wide Range of Industries

Combining our expertise with a hands-on approach, we analyze and formulate smart solutions that deliver real business value. We serve a number of satisfied clients across a range of industries.

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We analyze essential documents and records, and provide detailed recommendations to our legal clients, who want an opinion as to the medical issues presented. We work for both plaintiff and defense counsel, reducing the time attorneys and their staff may have to spend in organizing, reviewing and summarizing medical records. This allows the paralegals, office managers and legal assistants to give more attention to core aspects of their job.

Social Security Disability Firms

Our team assimilates all medical documents that contain proof of the applicant’s disability as well as information as to when the disability began. Our service is a great support for SSD firms, and helps in obtaining speedy resolutions of SSD insurance claims.

Case or Chart Review Firms

We provide support for these firms, reviewing and analyzing basic as well as comprehensive medical charts, and other important documents.

Insurance Companies

We understand that health insurers need to quickly access, organize and understand the information contained in the medical records to make the appropriate reimbursement, and to ensure high quality of care as well as provider payment integrity. We help reduce the workload of insurance companies, and enable speedy identification of legitimate claims. Our solutions are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs.

Independent Medical Examiners

Having worked with several medical examiners, we are knowledgeable about their particular requirements. We will review the records and provide an expert opinion on the merits of the case.

Private Corporations

As a support service for private corporations, we provide cost-effective solutions for clients dealing with a number of cases in various areas of law.

Medical Review Support – Our Service Highlights

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