Product Liability Medical Record Review

Expert Product Liability Medical Record Review


MOS provides product liability medical record review services to attorneys handling product liability and mass torts that involve medical devices, pharmaceuticals and toxic substance exposure. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a leader in the industry, offering reliable medical record review for attorneys representing medical device/pharmaceutical manufacturers. Product liability cases are complex because of their technical nature, and involve large volume medical records that need to be reviewed for causation. We have the expertise and technology to take up and complete any volume medical record review.

MOS is your reliable partner when it comes to building a strong case right from the start organizing the medical records, reviewing them for merit, preparing timelines and developing the best case strategies.

Product Liability Medical Record Review

What Makes Our Service Special

  • An expert medical review team comprising physicians and registered nurse analysts with an astute knowledge of the epidemiology of various diseases, and clear understanding of medical terminology specific to the various medical specialties.
  • Documentation specialists to provide you reports in the formats required.
  • Comprehensive, timely and custom-made reports.
  • Our pricing is competitive, offering you cost savings up to 40%.
  • 24/7 service customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • Customized turnaround time.

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Systematic Medical Record Review Process

  • Organize, index and review the complete set of medical records
  • Review pre-injury medical records for earlier illnesses, injuries or other predisposition to injury
  • Interpret complex medical data including abbreviations, jargon and protocols
  • Prepare medical case chronologies and medical case summaries
  • Identify missing documentation, errors, omissions and signs of tampering/altering of medical records
  • We can prepare master audit sheets for law firms containing all required information such as date of surgery, revision surgeries, provider/facility details, reason for revision surgery, injuries sustained, abnormal lab values, temporary/permanent impairment caused, future expenses and so on.

Make the Best Use of Your Time and Resources


Let us help you maximize your resources and time!

  • Our product liability medical record review services are designed to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case early enough so that you can decide on the right case strategy.
  • MOS’ medical reviewers are trained and specialized, and focus on your specific needs.
  • They are dedicated to ensuring high-quality services.
  • Partnering with MOS will save you valuable time, effort and frustration involved in understanding complex medical facts.

Leave the challenging medical record review to us and focus on the legal side of the case.

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