Types of Medical Malpractice Claims That Need Medical Record Review [Infographic]

by | Published on Sep 6, 2023 | Infographics

Medical malpractice claims can arise from a variety of situations where healthcare providers fail to provide a standard level of care, resulting in harm to patients.  Medical record review for medical malpractice cases serves the primary purpose of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses inherent to a specific case. Additionally, this process aids in pinpointing any deviations from the anticipated standards of medical care. A thorough examination of the medical records is instrumental in establishing both the validity of the case and the causative factors involved. However, for legal professionals, such as medical malpractice attorneys and their teams, analyzing medical records can be arduous and time-intensive. This challenge largely stems from their non-medical background and lack of familiarity with intricacies such as care standards and their application to the unique circumstances of the case at hand. Consequently, many legal practitioners opt to enlist the expertise of a seasoned medical review team.

Why Outsource Medical Record Review?

By entrusting the review of medical records in medical malpractice cases to external experts, attorneys can effectively address an array of challenges such as:

  • Efficiently manage vast and disorganized medical records
  • Discern and highlight potential complications
  • Detect any potential tampering with records
  • Evaluate if the physician departed from the anticipated standard of care
  • Identify potential gaps in the medical record documentation
  • Navigate the intricacies of medical terminology, abbreviations, and jargon without specialized medical expertise
  • Alleviate the burden of exhaustive investigative work

Outsourcing the process to reliable medical review companies empowers legal professionals to focus their expertise on constructing compelling cases, while leveraging specialized medical insights to enhance the strength and clarity of their arguments.

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Medical Record Review

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