New Supreme Court Ruling Can Have Considerable Impact on Filing of Personal Injury Lawsuits [Infographics]

by | Published on Sep 20, 2017 | Infographics

Personal injury and workers’ compensation cases require significant processes such as medical record retrieval and medical record review for attorneys. The aspect of “fault” is the major difference between these two types of cases. A personal injury case hinges on “fault,” whereas in a workers’ comp case you don’t need to prove “fault.” Some categories of workers are not covered by any workers’ comp laws and a recent Supreme Court ruling is highly significant in such cases.

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New Rule Ensures Fair Dealing for Defendants Also

This Supreme Court ruling limits where plaintiffs, whether a company or individual, can sue a defendant who has supposedly injured them. Importantly, defendants will have a clear idea of where they may be sued for injuries. Typically, plaintiffs can file a lawsuit against companies where they are based, incorporated or conduct a major portion of business. The new ruling prevents people from “shopping” for states that have laws which allow them to file personal injury lawsuits more easily.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

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