Key Steps in the Plaintiff Fact Sheet Preparation Process

by | Published on Dec 7, 2020 | Plaintiff Fact Sheets

Plaintiff fact sheet (PFS) is a key document in any medico-legal case, as it provides both the plaintiff and defense sides with a summary of the case so that they can understand its strengths and weaknesses. The plaintiff fact sheet must be prepared with great care and attention to the minutest details. To get the medical facts right, the relevant medical records are reviewed utilizing medical record review services. Fact sheets should mainly include basic background information of the plaintiff, medical information related to the injury, product identification records and releases for insurance and financial information.

plainti fact sheet

Accurate plaintiff fact sheets help attorneys to easily understand how the particular medical event can be linked to the injury sustained by the plaintiff. By outsourcing medical chart reviews and plaintiff fact sheet preparation, lawyers can focus more on their cases.

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