Plaintiff Fact Sheet and the Benefits of Outsourcing PFS Preparation

by | Published on Apr 6, 2022 | Plaintiff Fact Sheets

The plaintiff fact sheet (PFS) is an important document in medico-legal cases of mass torts, personal injuries, and workers’ compensation. It is a set of questionnaires released by the federal court during the pre-trial proceedings in medico-legal cases. The plaintiff is required to complete the questionnaire and submit it within the stipulated time set by the court. By analyzing this document, attorneys can verify the validity of the claim and prepare for the case with no loopholes. Each party involved can understand the case’s strengths and weaknesses and get a thorough overview of the case. A medical review company can filter unsupported claims and assist in preparing the case for the initial trial, especially in bellwether trials.

Preparing Plaintiff Fact Sheet –Major Considerations

  • Reviewing medical records for patient information

Relevant information about the plaintiff has to be extracted from the medical records. It has to be highlighted and added to the plaintiff fact sheet. The records have to be bate stamped in accordance with the designated protocol. The medical records have to be chronologically arranged to identify important information that supports the case.

  • Identify missed information

An in-depth analysis of the treatment history and every patient encounter is performed to check for missed information. If the information left is vital for substantiating the evidence, it should be added to the fact sheet by communicating with the claimant.

  • Linking the plaintiff fact sheet with the medical chart

After entering the relevant details of the plaintiff in the fact sheet, it is linked to the original medical record. This enables the attorney to have knowledge about the particular event in the treatment history of the patient. All the medical-pharmaceutical data are also linked with the medical record.

  • Completion of PFS

Plaintiffs have to produce information regarding the basic factual allegations. This has to be entered in the PFS with specific reference to the medical records. The witness statements and damage receipts should be included in the document. This documentation is specifically held of importance in multi-district litigation or other coordinated proceedings.

How a plaintiff fact sheet helps attorneys in understanding the case

Preparing the plaintiff’s fact sheet is a part of the discovery stage in a formal investigation procedure that has to be conducted by the parties before trial. They are interrogatories that are governed by court rules.

  • The PFS consists of the relevant data that supports the claim. The form has to be filled by the plaintiff. This gives attorneys an idea about the basic details of the plaintiff and the treatment history without referring to voluminous medical records.
  • The data in the medical record can be arranged chronologically by referring to the PFS. This eases the task of searching any particular medical event of the plaintiff.
  • Attorneys can have a better understanding of the case by referring to PFS.
  • Time plays an important role in determining the outcome of the case. The fact sheet helps you to take the necessary action during the pre-trial.
  • It is a cost-effective means to understand complicated medical cases.

Advantages of Outsourcing Plaintiff Fact Sheet Preparation

  • Timely completion of PFS

The questionnaire is released by the federal court and the plaintiff has to fill the form in the stipulated time. Medical review solutions work from the onset of the case and ensure that all the pertinent information is considered.

  • Ensures quality

Plaintiff fact sheet completion requires the accurate intake of data. It is easy to identify a deficient and incomplete fact sheet if data collection and compilation is outsourced. This can ensure that every file associated with the plaintiffs’ medical history is reviewed meticulously. It is the ultimate goal to have accurate and complete information for a successful medical claim.

  • Streamlines massive workflows in a cost-effective manner

In multidistrict litigation, every plaintiff fact sheet has to be tracked from start to finish. It should be cross-verified by effectively communicating with potential claimants. The right technology and staffing can take care of these tasks effectively if they are outsourced.

Attorneys can entrust the preparation of plaintiff fact sheets to an experienced medical review company for the timely completion of PFS. An accurate PFS is essential for the successful resolution of complex medico-legal cases.

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