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MOS: Medical Record Review Service

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a company owned by medical professionals who have several years of experience in providing value-added service for the medico-legal industry. Since its inception in 2002, we have been providing medical chart review support to the industry. Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable solutions. MOS ensures stringent quality control protocols, customizable turnaround time, and competitive pricing.

Our turnaround time can be customized according to your need. If it needs to be done in a day or 10 days we have a solution for you. Call us for a free trial at 1-800-670-2809.

Record Organization

Medical Record Organizations.jpg

Utilizing a systematic and structured approach, we retrieve and organize medical records and chronologically categorize them into required groups – thus making it easy to analyze and review.

Case History & Summary

Medical Case History Summary

We review and analyze records and prepare a comprehensive summary / report that contains relevant information about claimant/patient problems, depending on the needs of the case.

Case Chronology Support

Medical Case Chronology

Chronology documentation is a fact based work output, translating records into a succinct listing of the medical facts relevant to a case. This ensures a clear understanding of all aspects of the case.

Customized Review Services

Customized Review Services

Our solutions are customizable. Each organization is bound to have its own requirements - we can help meet those requirements in the shortest TAT and within budget.


Professionals at MOS have the expertise and knowledge to review all types of medical records relevant to your practice whether they are hospital records, consultation reports, progress reports, or any other. We support your practice with record retrieval, chart audits, claims review, deposition summary, and rebuttals among other services.


We are fully HIPAA compliant. MOS is extremely sensitive about the regulations that affect the medical and legal industry. We have a clear-cut policy and training in maintaining confidentiality of patient information. All records are stored in a secure manner and accessed by authorized personnel only.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizable turnaround times
  • Customized services
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Flexibility to use any software
  • Improved productivity & quality
  • Multi level QA and Audit trail
  • Responsive customer service