Sorting, Collation and Pagination

Streamlined Sorting, Collation, and Pagination Services


Medical records sorting, collation and pagination services are critical to keep the huge volume records easily accessible. Properly organized medical records make it easier to extract clear evidence for lawsuits related to clinical negligence, product liability, workers’ compensation or personal injury claims. Comprehensive medical documentation is also required in hospitals to ensure optimum patient care and healthcare outcomes.

Sorting, Collation and Pagination Services

A professional provider of medical record pagination and collation services, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is experienced in assisting attorneys, medico-legal firms, medical evaluators, insurance claims administrators and medical documentation management service providers to meet their medical record management needs.

With years of experience in the industry, the professional team at our medical record review company can sort, collate and paginate medical records quickly and within your required turnaround time. They also provide an accurate chronology and summary of key dates and medical events.

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Medical Records Organization Process


Our medical records sorting and pagination service includes diverse processes –

Sorting & Categorizing

  • Capturing the medical record document types, providers, dates and other customized data fields
  • Sorting the medical records chronologically – ascending or descending order
  • Deleting duplicate or multiple records and flagging missing bills and records

Indexing & Pagination

  • Paginating the records after sorting
  • Creating a detailed medical index with page numbers, dates, outcomes and summarizing functions


  • Hyperlinking medical records to help reviewers instantly locate and access the required documents
  • Ensuring secure hyperlinks that maintain the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive medical information while enabling efficient access for authorized reviewers

Medical Records Summary

  • Creating concise and comprehensive medical record summaries that highlight key findings, diagnoses, treatment plans, and other essential information
  • Organizing medical records summary to reduce review time

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Our team can capture key information from each medical document – nature of the encounter, provider name, date of service(s) and other custom data required.

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