Key Tips to Prepare Rebuttal Reports

A perfect rebuttal report used to appeal an insurance claim denial must be error-free, with genuine explanations and must include all the required information.

A professional medical record review company in the U.S., Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can assist attorneys with effective review of medical documentation and rebuttal preparation. Our turnaround time can be customized according to your needs.

In today’s podcast, Jessica Schwartz, one of our Solutions Managers, discusses key tips to prepare rebuttal reports.

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00:14 What is a rebuttal?

00:27 How are rebuttal reports prepared?

01:10 Key tips to prepare rebuttal reports

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My name is Jessica. I am a Solutions Manager from Managed Outsource Solutions and I am here to talk to you about key tips to prepare rebuttal reports.

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00:14 What is a rebuttal?

Rebuttal is a draft that acts as evidence or argument meant to weaken or undermine an opponent’s claim. Hospitals and attorneys dealing with medical claim denials can appeal for the same with a well-drafted rebuttal report.

00:27 How are rebuttal reports prepared?

These reports are created based on the review of important medical records such as – the patient’s medical history, diagnosis reports and more that will clinically justify the treatments. Attorneys can rely on professional medical record review companies for rebuttal preparation and effective review of medical records. Rebuttals are often prepared for claim denials for investigations, functional restoration programs (FRP), medications, allied health treatments, injectable and anesthesia, and durable medical equipment etc.

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01:10 Key tips to prepare rebuttal reports

  • Thoroughly understand the arguments and conclusions presented by the insurer
  • Identify any clear, objective errors in the report
  • Focus on any contradictions and inconsistencies
  • Identify any ideal areas of agreement where the opposing party’s report agrees with yours
  • Attempt recreating the opponent’s analysis to identify any issues
  • Re-read the report and focus on frail areas in the conclusion
  • Address both explicit and implicit assumptions to write a clearer rebuttal
  • Summarize the key issues in the report

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