Managed Outsource Solutions

Philosophy and Values

Every business has challenges; and in order for any business to thrive, solutions must be found for these challenges. And, even though we like to think positive; “Murphy’s Law” seems to be continually lurking; in other words, there will always be challenges.

We, at MOS, fully understand this, and our business model is centered on SOLUTIONS; for us yes, but more importantly for our clients.

You have Challenges? We have Solutions.

So, in developing our business model, we asked ourselves how best to accomplish this? In doing so, we developed a set of principles, core values, ideas, etc.


This is one of those words/values that permeate all we do; so it’s first on the list. We’ve always liked the slogan first coined by Southwest Airlines: “Hire for attitude, train for skills”. Yes, attitude deals with people; who we are, how we act (and react), how we care and what we care about, (our empathy), how we relate to others, and much more.

Again, drawing on smart (successful) folks: Tom Watson, Sr., founder of IBM, said, “I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can very often be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people,” and Watson Jr. carried on that tradition saying, “the basic philosophy, spirit, and drive of an organization have far more to do with its relative achievements than do technological or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation, and timing.”

So, our attitude is to help our clients find solutions, to work with them and each other, to be positive, to be honest, to enjoy our work, to make a difference. It works, for us and for our clients.


Related to attitude, yes, but without empathy, we cannot properly relate to your problems; let alone find solutions. With empathy, we listen to customers; we “feel your pain”. Without empathy, we won’t develop the personal relationships with customers that we desire; that helps us meet a goal of “long term business relationships”. Without empathy, we don’t properly care about the outcome of a project, from your perspective. Empathy helps us live our “honesty” value, again because we understand that one does not generally be dishonest with friends.


We recently formed an alliance with two other healthcare providers; and together, we are using a motto of “Integrity Matters”. It does.

We include it as a core value, not only because we practice it, but Honesty and Integrity are core ingredients in TRUST, which is a core ingredient of long term relationships. It is not only who we are, but imperative to our success. And remember, we measure that success by finding solutions for you.


This is easily one of those overused words; that has lost some meaning. Internally, we communicate, brainstorm, trust and like each other, and respect each other. However, it is very important to us that you (the client) are also very much a part of the team. “We work for you” is another of those overworked phrases; but the essence here is that we are part of your team; we are here to help you meet your goals, and find you the right solutions.


Winning is part of teamwork, and that is what we want, but for you, and us. The proverbial win-win is an important part of all our projects; and an important part of teamwork; including all of us.


A phrase we live by is that we have to continually “earn” your business. To do that, we have to give you value, i.e. “your money’s worth”. These three words incorporate that ongoing attitude of giving you work you can be proud of (as can we), being flexible to accommodate your needs, and demonstrating we care by being there for you. If we are going to earn that “long term relationship” we know we have to have your back; and WE DO.

Cutting Edge/Innovation

While not so warm and cuddly as “support”, we value staying in touch with (and utilizing) new technology and new ideas on a worldwide basis. We like to think outside the box. We are not afraid to try new things or take a few risks. Staying current is our desire for ourselves, for the services we offer, and for our clients. This is part and parcel to our desire to grow, both professionally and personally.


Yes, we want to stay in business. Yes, we want to prosper. But we know and value that it has to be win-win. We use the phrase: “we will do all we can to make this work, except lose money”; and that goes both ways. We understand that the best way to “make money” and grow is to provide good, quality, timely, state-of-the-art services; that will make our clients better; and to support those services in the same manner.


Certainly, last but not the least, let’s enjoy the ride. “Life’s too short”; so let’s have a sense of humor, let’s get to be friends with “Murphy”, and let’s always “keep smilin”. Our first value is attitude; make that a positive attitude; we’ll get more done together and have more fun.