Medical Record Review Services for Social Security Disability Firms

Medical Record Review for Social Security Disability Firms

A patient’s medical records are crucial evidence that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review when considering a disability claim. Social Security Disability (SSD) Firms help beneficiaries file disability claim applications, present the necessary medical evidence, receive and maintain the benefits, and appeal a denial if necessary. Disability lawyers handling these cases develop medical evidence from the claimant’s healthcare records. These medical documents often run into hundreds of pages, many of which may not be relevant to the case. The pertinent records can be identified only via a comprehensive medical record review. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) based in Tulsa, Oklahoma can provide efficient medical record review for Social Security Disability firms and attorneys in presenting the relevant medical records to social security as proof of their clients’ disability.

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We Develop the Logical Medical Evidence You Need

Proving disability can be really challenging with many factors to prove such as:

  • The claimant has a medically determinable impairment
  • Establish relationship between the symptoms and functional limitations
  • Prove that the disability meets or equals a listing
  • Provide proof of the claimant’s treatment history

Let us help you prove your client’s disability with substantial evidence that meets the requirements of SSA. As a full-service medical review company, we will be with you every step of the way ensuring that you have access to acceptable, timely medical evidence that the SSA needs.

MOS is HIPAA compliant and has stringent QA measures in place.

Medical Record Review Process that Is Distinctive and Effective

The medical review team at MOS comprises physicians, registered nurses, documentation specialists and an experienced editing team who are thorough with the medical document review process.

  • We collect all relevant medical records — old and new general records, hospital medical records, diagnostic records, and disability assessment and treatment records, and medical records on the mental and physical capacities of the claimant.
  • Ensure that all the healthcare documentation is acceptable, timely and relevant, and supports the disability claim.
  • Systematic medical record organization and indexing.
  • We develop a medical chronology that clearly outlines important parameters such as date of service, place of service and provider of service. We can categorize the records in your preferred manner.
  • Comprehensive medical record review to compile compelling evidence on the applicant’s disabilities.
  • We identify missing records, incomplete records and duplicate records. Measures are immediately taken to retrieve the missing records.
  • We prepare case summaries and timelines.
  • We develop case-specific individual written reports.
  • Electronic submission of records in your preferred format.

Our objective is to ensure that all physician records are typed, complete and professional, and describes the claimant’s complaints in minute detail. Our review process makes sure that the doctors’ notes include all examinations undergone by the patient, results of those examinations, treatments provided, instructions given and prognosis.

Professional Medical Legal Review Support to Counter Claim Denials

If your client is denied social security benefits and wishes to appeal, we can help you overcome case presentation challenges with legal research assistance and pre-trial documentation preparation.

Our prompt medical record review solutions for social security disability firms are competitively priced and bring you 30-50% cost savings. For more details regarding our customized solutions, call 1-800-670-2809.



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