Medical Record Review for Medical-Legal Consultants

Medical Record Review for Medical-Legal Consultants

Medical-legal consultants provide service to personal injury and malpractice attorneys helping both plaintiff and defense lawyers clearly understand every aspect of healthcare delivery in the medical cases they handle as well as the outcomes. They assist attorneys in reviewing the medical records, evaluating medical information and complex medical concerns relevant to the cases, recognizing errors and omissions in the patient charts. They have to prepare records for depositions, trials, review panels, mediation hearings and arbitrations. All these burdensome tasks can be done at ease with the skilled team at Managed Outsource Solutions offering medical record review for medical legal consultants. With our services, you need not invest your valuable time in assessing and organizing the medical records.

With our value-added support for medical record analysis and case reviews, our team works to reduce your workload and make the review process simple for you.

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Record Review Catering to Specific Medical Specialties

In every malpractice/personal injury case, patient records are crucial evidence. Reviewing and summarizing them can be quite tedious. Our review team stands apart, providing specialty-specific services that are customized for each client. We provide services of physicians and registered nurses with clinical experience in various medical specialties. This enables us to provide efficient expertise on each case.

  • Our review professionals can decipher abbreviations, illegible handwriting and such other issues and provide a clear report.
  • They can easily identify incomplete records, missing records and those that have been altered.
  • They know exactly which healthcare documents are relevant to a particular case.

Reliable Record Review Solutions

Here is how we can help you.

  • We collect all pertinent patient records, sort and organize them
  • The records and related information are reviewed thoroughly to screen the cases for merit and identify underlying weaknesses
  • List all data such as demographic characteristics, care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes, and treatment
  • List all records [imaging records included], and documents reviewed
  • Enumerate all objective tests performed
  • Prepare a chronology of all medical events to create a clear time line
  • Prepare accurate case summaries

What Makes Our Medical Record Review Services Unique?

Get to enjoy key benefits such as:

  • Affordable pricing with cost savings of 30 – 40%
  • Save time and complete your assignments faster
  • Multilevel quality assurance to ensure accuracy and superior quality
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Flexibility in the use of software
  • HIPAA compliance

Our medical review company has years of experience in assisting attorneys and their legal teams to organize records to support medical litigation in diverse practice areas such as personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, workers’ compensation, mass tort, criminal law, life care planning and more.

Our Record Review Process Is Customizable, HIPAA-compliant!

Why not handle more cases quickly and efficiently with MOS as your medical record review service provider?

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