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Expert Medical Bill Review Services for Precise Analysis


Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides customized medical bill review services that help identify errors, inappropriate charges, and duplicate billing issues, thereby enabling our clients to make informed and unbiased payment decisions. These bills are reviewed and audited by billing professionals to check for coding appropriateness, fee schedule accuracy and other rules to identify reimbursement rates and totals. To ensure efficiency and accuracy for our solutions, our medical bill review company has in place the best combination of advanced technology and expert personnel.

Medical Bill Review Services

Let us help you arrive at the reasonable cost of services through meticulous scrutiny of medical charges on the claims. Our specialized medical claims review and audit services will help establish the UCR (Usual, Customary, and Reasonable) rates. Prevent bill inflation.

As one of the medical bill review companies, we provide bill review services in all 50 states in the U.S, and are available round the clock for your support. We assist both plaintiff and defense attorneys, and business. Send us your billing, statements, EOB’s (Explanation of benefits) along with your medical records and let us get to work.

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Technology-driven Medical Bill Review Services by Professionals


Our solutions include the following:

  • Collect and organize all medical bills
  • Review bills, medical charts and EOB’s.
  • Apply fee schedules and billing ground rules
  • Apply contractual provider discount
  • Identification of duplicate billings at bill and claim levels
  • Calculate the reasonable amount for hospital liens
  • Bill review for overcharges and errors
  • Extensive coding review and repricing the bills so that the customary, reasonable charge is reflected
  • Uncoded bills are coded or returned to the provider for coding and any additional information required
  • Preparation of customized data analytics reports
  • Accurately calculate what Medicare and Medicaid payments would have been
  • Estimate the amount payable under the workers’ compensation fee schedule
  • Detect improper billing practices – upcoding and unbundling; fraud detection

Why Choose MOS for Medical Bill Review?

Why Choose MOS for Medical Bill Review

We Ensure Accuracy and Quality

  • Our reviewers have years of experience in several specialties, knowledgeable in coding and are certified by the American Association of Professional Coders.
  • Our solutions hinge on accurate and reliable data. We ensure that the data we work with is accurate, consistent, standardized and complete.
  • We leverage the best technology platforms and advanced software architecture, information management techniques, artificial intelligence tools, and multiple data sources.
  • The entire bill review process is performed by auditors with long-term experience and expertise. Our auditors are the backbone of our team and they ensure outstanding quality as well as quantity in our bill review process.
  • Multiple quality checks and coding reviews by coding professionals trained in diagnostic coding, anatomy, and medical terminology.

We Understand Local, Regional and National Preferred Provider Networks (PPOs)

  • When you submit out-of-network claims, we can reprice the claims to lower, pre-negotiated rates that providers belonging to these networks have already agreed to.
  • If the claim amount is large, we double check to confirm that the provider is still in their network and that the discount taken is correct. This will minimize the chance for any reversals.

We Can Provide Specialty Bill Review Service

This service can be integrated with our medical bill review solution or provided as a standalone service.

  • It involves a more exhaustive audit of your medical billings that could produce additional savings.
  • This review team includes certified coders, physicians, nurse auditors and other professionals.
  • Audits provided are comprehensive and include coding audit, compensability audit, clinical audit, and state rules/case law audit.

Line-by-line Review of All Medical Bills

  • Our bill reviewers will compare all the medical claims submitted to multiple benchmark fee schedules, computer databases, and market standard methodology and then prepare a detailed report.
  • The line-by-line review of the medical bills will help establish their validity.

Special Consultation

Often, attorneys may have doubts or questions concerning a client’s medical bills that may not merit a comprehensive review or report. We can provide you with a consultation over the phone or via email, if you need such a solution.

  • We provide your clients with easy to understand Explanation of Benefits and Explanation of Review.
  • Professional, superior quality, exhaustive bill reviews
  • Dedicated manager for each account
  • 24/7 access to bill reviews and approvals online
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Secure online transmission

MOS’ medical bill review solutions are designed to provide our clients much more than cost savings and access to experts. We are dedicated to giving you the right options that you need for your unique requirements. Check out how our medical bill review services can support you. Call our medical review company at (800) 670 2809!