Why It’s Important To Maintain Medical Records In A Personal Injury Case [Infographic]

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Car accidents, slips and falls, product liability, and medical malpractice cases are common types of personal injury cases. Medical records contain important details regarding patient history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, surgeries undergone and care provided, progress notes, and medications, among other things. A personal injury lawsuit allows claimants to seek compensation for any damage they have suffered due to someone’s negligence. Medical records play a key role in proving these cases. Experienced medical record review companies help attorneys handling these cases to obtain medical evidence through chart review, case chronology, record organization and other services. Well organized records with a perfect summary can help speed up the claims process. Without proper documentation of the injury, lawyers cannot prove that the claimant was hurt as the result of another person’s or organization’s negligence.

Check out the infographic below

Personal Injury Case

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