What Are the 8 Key Components of a Demand Letter? [Infographic]

by | Published on May 8, 2023 | Infographics

A demand letter is of great significance in personal injury cases as it outlines particulars such as the accident, the injuries sustained, medical care and expenses, and other pertinent details. Attorneys representing plaintiffs in personal injury claims prepare demand letters, which aim to present the essential facts of the claim and the compensation demands in a clear manner. Plaintiffs who are represented by skilled attorneys have higher chances of securing a settlement from the insurance company. Medical review companies can support personal injury attorneys in crafting a comprehensive demand letter.

In a demand letter, the important facts are who are the parties involved, what is the actual incident, the injuries involved,  the economic and non-economic damages, why the other party is legally responsible for the injuries and damages sustained by the plaintiff, and the damages and settlement demand. The demand letter is a powerful tool in persuading the defendant’s insurance company to settle the case, and a well-crafted one with clear medical data can help avoid costly litigation.

Attorneys use the demand letter to kick start the settlement negotiations; enable the other side to understand that the plaintiff is serious about pursuing the case and expects a fair settlement; and to present the facts in the most appropriate manner. Demand Letter preparation with the support of a medical review company makes it simple and efficient to organize and develop the case.

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Essential Elements of a Demand Letter

Check out the infographic below

Demand Letter

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