Role Of Medical Records In Strengthening A Car Accident Injury Claim [Infographic]

by | Published on Feb 7, 2022 | Infographics

Car accidents are common and can lead to many injuries including whiplash injuries, brain damage, spinal damage, and more. To prove such personal injury cases, attorneys may have to prove four key elements– duty of care, breach of that duty, causation, and damages. Medical records serve as clear evidence for the victim to win the lawsuit and get fair compensation for a car accident claim. These records also cover all financial costs related to ambulatory services, surgeries, treatments, prescriptions, rehabilitation, and hospital visits. Attorneys can rely on professional medical review services to organize and summarize the medical records collected to support the case.

It is important that the documentation contains the treating physician’s opinions stating that the injuries are new and resulted from the recent crash. Medical records needed in a car accident case include paramedic/ambulance records, emergency room/clinic records of the initial treatment, admitting charts and notes, medical history, physicians’ and nurses’ notes, prescription records, photographs of bruises or surgical scars, imaging studies and all test results, bills for all treatments, and more.

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Accident Injury Claim

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