Key Strategies for Drafting Deposition Summaries [Infographic]

by | Published on Jan 2, 2023 | Infographics

For a lawsuit, deposition testimonies are crucial to bringing out the real facts from the witnesses. Well-documented deposition summaries are very useful during the course of a trial. As lawyers may find it time-consuming to handle the voluminous deposition transcripts that often run into hundreds of pages, they can take support from paralegals or expert summarizers at medical record review companies to summarize the deposition transcripts in a compact form.

For error-free deposition summaries, the summarizer must clearly understand the main points associated with the testimony, as well as all the legal points related to the deposition. Attorneys use deposition summaries for many purposes such as – pretrial preparation, easy analysis of the large volume of information, to speed up the trial process and verdict, and highlight key points using charts or graphs. The time needed to complete the summarization depends on major factors such – as whether the witness is a layman or a professional, the size of the transcript, and the complexity of the case. Skilled summarizers and paralegals can easily deal with the intricacies involved in summarizing depositions.

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Deposition Summaries

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