Injuries That Workers’ Compensation May Not Cover [Infographic]

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Infographics

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Workers’ compensation benefits cover medical care expenses, lost wages and disability/disfigurement (Permanent total, Temporary partial and Permanent partial). Rules and exceptions vary from one American state to another. The workers’ compensation eligibility determination process involves different steps, the most important first step being medical record review. Claimants could work with an experienced attorney who will evaluate the claim and determine whether it is a valid one. Attorneys handling worker’s compensation claims use medical review solutions to get a clear understanding of the injury caused. The medical records of the injured worker are important because the injury is of utmost significance. Analyzing the claimant’s medical records will help extract valuable evidence regarding the nature of the injury and its impact, which the attorney uses effectively to develop the case. It is important to know which injuries will be covered and which will not.

Check out the infographic below to learn about injuries that Workers’ Compensation may not cover

Workers’ Compensation


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