In-house Medical Record Review vs Medical Record Review Outsourcing [Infographic]

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To understand the case, for trial preparation, and for medico-legal and other claim handling requirements, it is very important that law firms, insurers, lawyers, medico-legal case review firms, plaintiffs and life care planning agencies get accurate reviews of medical records. Proper and accurate medical case history and summary can provide them with a clear idea of the various medical aspects involved in a case which will help them find the relevant evidence, understand the case details and prepare for the trial. A medical record analysis process involves several steps. There are two options for accurate medical record review: you can either set up an in-house team to handle it or outsource the task to a professional medical record review company.

Let’s check out the pros and cons for In-house Medical Record Review and Medical Record Review Outsourcing.

Check out the infographic below
Medical Record Review vs Medical Record Review Outsourcing

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