Deposition Summary FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Deposition Summaries

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is an experienced provider of deposition summary services. As a deposition summary company, we provide an objective, clear and short summary of the main points of a deposition transcript. With many years of experience in the field, our experienced team can create the summaries in any format and follow any specific directions required for your practice.

Why should I consider outsourcing deposition summaries?

Testimony gathered during depositions contains invaluable information attorneys can use when representing their clients. It could be time-consuming for busy legal practitioners to extract the key points from all the deposition testimonies to build the case. Outsourcing to a reliable provider is a practical option. At MOS, we professionally prepare deposition summaries by distilling complex deposition testimony into an easy-to-use format, which will increase your efficiency, lighten your workload and save you time and money.

Whom do you provide services for?

We provide deposition summaries for attorneys, paralegals, medical providers, and independent medical examiners.

How is your deposition summary service useful for attorneys and paralegals?

Save valuable time you would otherwise spend reading the entire transcript to understand various facts of the cases you handle.

  • Easily locate specific testimony you need for trial, mediation, examination of witnesses, exclusion of evidence and so on.
  • Send summaries to clients and claim adjusters.
  • Reduce paralegal workload and stress.

How is your deposition summary service useful for independent medical examiners and other medical providers?

Independent medical examiners and medical providers reviewing a workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim will find our concise summaries very helpful.

  • You save the time you would otherwise spend reviewing lengthy deposition testimonies.
  • Our topic specific summaries will help you easily identify the information you need.

What does your deposition summary service involve?

Our deposition summary services include

  • Organizing the testimony into specific relevant topics for a quick overview
  • Analyzing the focus areas of the case
    Accurate recording of key events and actions including dates, location, names, and exhibits
  • Pre-trial testimony review and witness preparation
  • Summarized transcript separated into topics with relevant page-line references
  • Summaries are proofread and checked for quality and consistency

What summary formats do you offer?

Two basic summary formats available are – Topic and Page-Line. The summary identifies important points in the deposition by page and line. Page-Line summaries are typically formatted to include columns for (i) page-line; (ii) exhibit; and (iii) summary of testimony. Our deposition summaries are provided in page-line format, drafted out of deposition transcripts in its original order with relevant page-line references, ensuring none of the relevant information or facts are missed out.

Can your team summarize thousands of transcripts I have?

Yes, we can. With many years of experience in the field, our team can deliver accurate, complete, easy to read and reliable deposition summaries for even hundreds or thousands of testimonies, all within the required turnaround time. Whether your requirements are large or small, we ensure the same superior quality and service.

What makes your service different?

  • 30 – 50% cost savings
  • Expert team from legal background
  • Free trial offer
  • HIPAA compliant solutions
  • Stringent data security measures
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Dedicated deposition summary project managers

Can I expect consistent quality with the deposition summaries you provide?

Yes, of course. Our team comprises experienced professionals who focus on providing accurate, clear, and comprehensive deposition summaries always to meet your high standards. We have a dedicated quality control team and follow stringent summarizing and formatting guidelines.

How should I sign up for your services?

You can call us at 1-800-670-2809 and speak to one of our solutions managers. We will work out a solution that best meets your requirements.