What Medical Evidence Is Needed to Prove a Sports Injury?

by | Published on Mar 13, 2023 | Medical Record Review

Sports injuries are injuries sustained by someone participating in a sporting event. Sports, no doubt, always has an inherent risk of injury. Most sports involve a lot of player collisions and contact, which may lead to injuries. While some injuries can be as simple as a laceration, sprain, strain, or bone bruise, others can be more complex, such as a dislocation; fracture; or a ligament-, tendon-, or muscle- tear. Injures caused due to defective sports equipment, a careless coach or negligent supervisors and property managers may be compensable.

Some of the common sports injuries are brain injury, neck & spinal injury, orthopedic trauma, severe lacerations, burn injury, and football head injuries. Defective sports equipment can lead to paintball injury, hunting accidents, boat accident injury, horseback accidents, and trampoline injury.

To prove a sports injury caused due to someone’s negligence, attorneys need strong medical evidence. The more evidence they can present, the better the outcome of the personal injury case. Physical as well as documentary evidence such as medical records are crucial to prove the other person’s negligence. Physical evidence such as photos and videos of injuries and document proofs such as medical records, and proof of damages suffered are crucial to prove the negligence in court. Medical record analysis can be done more efficiently with the support of professional medical record review companies.

Medical Record Review in Sports Injury Cases – Case Focus

  • Case chronology: The medical records from the claimant’s initial date of treatment until the most recent visit are arranged chronologically.
  • Proof of injury and treatments provided: These as well as proof of any pre-existing conditions are clearly mentioned in the review report.
  • Cause of the injury, its extent and seriousness, and long-term impact on the victim.
  • Future treatment requirements: This is important from the viewpoint of any future claim as well as the injured person’s financial recoveries.
  • Highlight medical proof or records that prove whether or not the person can benefit from future treatment.
  • Proof of any permanent disability, and whether the victim can return to normal work.
  • Identifying missing medical records.

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Now, here are some important details.

Medical Evidence to Prove Sports Injuries

Important medical evidence that attorneys need to establish the existence and extent of the injury include:

  • Medical records: Medical records can provide details about the injury, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Imaging tests: Imaging tests such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, can help confirm the presence and severity of the injury.
  • Physical examination reports: A physical examination can help identify any physical signs of the injury, such as swelling, tenderness, or limited range of motion. It helps to prove that the injury was the result of a particular accident and did not happen in some other way.
  • Medical reports: Medical reports from physicians or specialists who treated the injury can provide a detailed account of the injury and its treatment.
  • Rehabilitation reports: Rehabilitation reports can provide information about the type and duration of rehabilitation that may be necessary after the injury.
  • Witness statements: Statements from witnesses, such as coaches, teammates, or trainers, can help support the claim by providing additional details about how the injury occurred and how it has affected the victim’s ability to play sports.

In addition to medical evidence, attorneys may also need other types of evidence, such as video footage or testimony from other players or officials, to establish the defendant’s negligence or wrongdoing. Personal injury attorneys can rely on professional medical review services to analyze the facts from records that serve as a critical evidence to support the case.

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