Unlocking the Benefits of Medical Chronology Services for Attorneys

by | Published on Apr 26, 2023 | Medical Chronology

Attorneys handling multiple cases may find it time-consuming and difficult to sift through vast volumes of medical records one by one. A medical case chronology lists all the medical events/incidents relevant to a particular case in chronological order. Attorneys require this report to comprehend the relevant medical information concerning the case such as – the plaintiff’s medical history, the extent of his/her injuries or illness, the treatment administered, and more.

The major components of a medical chronology include a short description of every relevant medical encounter and treatment, results of diagnostic testing and imaging, records of a hospital visit or stay, summarized information of subsequent treatment by physicians and physical therapists, comments of the treating medical provider regarding the injuries, prognosis, and permanency, highlights of any major events, summary of the medical bills and expenses. Appropriate for most medical-legal cases, medical chronologies also assist attorneys and legal nurse consultants in understanding the sequence of medical encounters in an injury case.

How do Attorneys Benefit from Medical Chronology Services?

Medical Chronology Services

Professional medical review companies provide attorneys with focused and insightful medical case chronologies. A good case chronology will contain only the most pertinent information from a patient’s medical chart. The expert team will summarize, and highlight the legally and medically noteworthy points that are pivotal at various stages of the discovery process.

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