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Top Features Of A Good Deposition Summary [Infographic]

The deposition testimony of the witness is taken by the attorney and a court reporter records the entire deposition word-for-word. Deposition summaries are immensely useful for attorneys to prepare for pretrial motions, trial witness exams, and additional depositions. During the litigation process, insurers, clients, and adjusters will want to review the summary. A good deposition summary is one that highlights significant testimony and potential causes for witness impeachment. The commonly used deposition summary formats are – chronological, page-line, and topic-by-topic. Utilizing deposition summary services provided by an experienced medical review company can help attorneys deliver top quality deposition summaries.It would ensure summaries prepared by a team of experts who are skilled in reviewing, identifying and presenting the most relevant facts associated with a case. This team will also make sure that the attorney can access the deposition transcript easily without losing any significant information.

Check out the infographic below

Deposition Summary

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