Medical Record Types That Support A VA Disability Claim

by | Published on Sep 20, 2023 | Medical Record Review

Various types of medical records hold distinct purposes when it comes to Veterans Affairs (VA) claims or appeals. The pertinent medical records are those that establish a direct link between the claimant’s current diagnosed condition and their military service or demonstrate the worsening of their condition over time. VA requires proof that the claimant presently suffers from a physical or mental disability that significantly hinders their ability to carry out daily activities, including substantial work. Additionally, the VA needs evidence indicating that the disability resulted from an injury, illness, or event that occurred during the claimant’s military service.

Types of Medical Records for VA Claims

Medical records review and examination of medical charts are among the critical requirements of a claim for disability benefits through the Veterans Affairs (VA) system. The types of medical records needed may vary depending on specific disability and the evidence required.

VA Claims

The utilization of medical records and their thorough analysis play a crucial role in establishing the symptoms and the extent of a veteran’s medical condition. Timely reporting of any deteriorating symptoms and the condition’s severity to treating physicians by the veteran is imperative. Such documentation enables medical professionals to record these changes, ultimately contributing to a higher disability rating. In the realm of VA disability cases, medical record services become exceptionally pertinent when constructing a compelling case, especially for disability attorneys.

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