Medical Case History and Summary – Real Value Components in Winning a Case

by | Published on Jul 21, 2012 | Medical Case Summary

An important process in medical record review, medical case history and summary go a long way in helping lawyers prepare and win cases. Medical case history contains all data concerning the patient’s illness and its management. A medical summary is a brief and clear summarization of the data relevant to the case, extracted from the patient’s medical records. Preparing medical summaries is not at all an easy task. It is painstaking and involves extensive research of all medical records available. The professional preparing the summary has to be proficient in analyzing consultation notes, operating room records, physician’s notes, progress notes and other relevant documents.

Gives an Overview of the Feasibility of a Case

There is no doubt that medical case summaries can help a lawyer prepare a case properly and go on to win it. Usually, a reliable medical record review company providing services in this area will have knowledgeable professionals with many years experience to review and summarize the records.

  • All medical encounters and events are presented chronologically for the lawyer to have a clear view of the case and its strong and weak points.
  • Moreover, crucial aspects of the case will he highlighted.

Think of the amount of time and effort the legal professional saves when ready-made summaries are available for easy perusal and understanding! The greatest advantage of having a medical review company and its staff to assist you is that you are ensured steady ongoing support whenever you need it.

Locating Missing Records

Often it is the records that are not there that pose a problem for the attorney. It can be really difficult to identify these from the huge volume of medical records available. Here too, it is the professional competence of the medical review company that can come to the rescue. While efficiently sorting and indexing the medical records, the medical review professionals can easily spot which records are missing and make arrangements to secure those.

A medical review firm can thus efficiently support an attorney intent on winning his case. On the part of the legal entity, the important thing is to ensure that the services are being provided by a dedicated provider whose primary focus is on service quality and standard, and client satisfaction.

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