Managing Medical Records for Mass Tort Litigation – A Case for Outsourcing

by | Published on Aug 12, 2015 | Medical Record Review

Mass tort litigation involves a class of civil action lawsuits in which multiple plaintiffs are harmed by the same incident or product. Collecting and reviewing medical records are very important, when building a mass tort case. These records not only provide proof of use, injury, and treatment, but also of pre-existing conditions that might limit or eliminate recovery. As mass tort litigation involves a large number of plaintiffs against one or more defendants in a state or federal court, handling the cases requires attorneys to review voluminous medical records of those affected people. Plaintiff fact sheet preparation and medical record review for mass tort are both time-consuming and often overwhelming tasks. Personal injury attorneys, paralegals, medical-legal consultants, independent medical examiners as well as legal nurse reviewers require medical review services to understand the facts, causation, and losses relevant to a case.

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Mass Tort Medical Record Review

Benefits of Outsourcing Mass Tort Medical Record Review

Here are the benefits of outsourcing mass tort medical record review –

Services from an expert team of reviewers

Outsourcing firms have specialized teams with expertise in reviewing medical records, specifically for mass tort cases. This ensures thorough and accurate analysis by professionals familiar with the nuances of medical documentation relevant to these cases. They offer the services of nurse consultants with experience in overseeing numerous mass tort projects for injuries caused by toxic exposures, defective medical devices and dangerous drugs.

These professional record reviewers can assist mass tort attorneys with diverse services including

  • Collecting and organizing medical records
  • Bookmarking and highlighting relevant content
  • Reviewing the medical records
  • Preparing the medical case chronology
  • Determining case merit
  • Summarizing the key points on the injuries and harm caused by the defective product or drug

To review voluminous medical records, it is mandatory for the medical records review expert to have soft skills and subject knowledge. Skilled reviewers also provide a first or second medical opinion from a provider on any issue in the case. They are knowledgeable about the medical jargon, and know exactly what data is missing.

Save time and cost

Examining hundreds or even thousands of medical records is time consuming for attorneys. Managing an in-house record review team and training them is also costly, when compared to outsourcing the task to professional companies. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for mass tort law firms. It eliminates the need to hire and train in-house staff for temporary or specialized tasks, thereby reducing overhead costs associated with additional personnel and infrastructure. A skilled medical records reviewer will be familiar with the complexities involved in the review process and the team will be able to immediately deal with the task at hand, and ensure the best possible outcome in a timely manner.

Improve work efficiency

Outsourcing firms are equipped with the necessary resources, technology, and manpower to handle large volumes of medical records efficiently. This expedites the review process, allowing mass tort law firms to meet tight deadlines, respond promptly to legal requirements, and potentially speed up the overall litigation process. Professional medical review companies help law firms manage their mass tort cases, freeing up their time to concentrate on the litigation rather than administrative matters. With an expert team to provide support, attorneys can focus more on the non-medical perspectives of the case, such as investigating and proving liability, causation, and damages.

Compliance and security

Expert litigation support providers maintain a very strong data security infrastructure which will keep the confidential information and PHI highly secure. Professional companies stay compliant with HIPAA’s strict data security and privacy standards. They prioritize compliance with healthcare regulations and maintain stringent security protocols to protect sensitive medical information. They’ll have strong privacy and security measures, and will conduct risk assessments and self-audits regularly.

Choosing a Medical Record Review Company for Mass Tort Law Firms

When choosing a medical record review company for mass tort law firms, precision, expertise, and efficiency are paramount. Look for a company with a proven track record in handling complex mass tort cases, showcasing specialized knowledge in medical record analysis. The ideal partner should offer a seamless process, efficiently managing large volumes of records while ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare regulations. Consider their experience in delivering thorough and timely results, and meeting tight deadlines crucial to legal proceedings.

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