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Maintaining Accurate Medical Records – Important Legally and Clinically

Medical Records

The patient’s medical records have an important role to play when it comes to obtaining insurance coverage. More importantly, medical records provide information to physicians regarding the care that has been provided to the patient in the past, which also has an impact on the kind of treatment the patient can be given in the future. Medical records also contain vital demographic information of the patient including his/her name and address. On account of the importance of medical records, patients are increasingly demanding access to their records with a view to protecting their health and money.

It is the patients’ legal right to see their medical records. Physicians should ensure that the medical records of their patients are flawless and well-maintained. Under federal law, patients have the right to request an amendment to information they know is incorrect even if physicians may not agree with the patient. In such cases the entire information – the physician’s documentation, the patient’s objection, and the physician’s rebuttal of the patient’s claims will all become part of the medical records.

To avoid troubling patients, and to ensure their own credibility, physicians should take care to maintain error-free medical records. A reliable medical record review company can help in organizing the voluminous medical records in a physician’s office, identify errors, locate missing records and provide comprehensive medical review services. With such a company to lend a helping hand, physicians and hospitals can enjoy an increased level of patient satisfaction and stay clear of legal issues.

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