The Logistics Involved in Methodical Medical Record Review

by | Published on Aug 6, 2014 | Medical Record Review

Logistics in medical document review? Definitely. It is because the very nature of the review process calls for utmost planning, confidentiality and compliance on the part of an organization. Reviewing medical records, which is an important process in injury litigation, is both time and labor intensive. However, medical records retrieval and review have become simpler in today’s technology driven world. With efficient services available, the entire process can be quickly managed via the internet in a completely HIPAA compliant system. A record retrieval and review company minimizes the labor and litigation expenses for insurance companies, corporations and law firms that need review of medical documents.

Everything can be conveniently done online nowadays. As a client, you can visit the service provider’s website and provide the necessary information regarding the case, specify the types of records required, turnaround time and location. Now let us consider the logistics involved in the medical review process. After evaluating the client’s order for accuracy, the record review firm will set about placing requests for the relevant healthcare documents. Once these are received, the next process is reviewing them for discrepancies, irregularities and missing pages. Depending on client requirements, the medical review firm will provide enhanced services including organization and summarization of the documents. The processed records are then uploaded to a secure website from where the clients can download the same into their system.

Medical review firms that are on the leading edge of the industry are not mere data vendors, they rise to the level of intelligent partners providing useful information to their clients. When the medical records are collected by the organizations themselves, they may be in a state of disarray, with incomplete and missing records to add to the confusion. Needless to say, the processing time for these records will be more. In such a scenario organized, ready to use medical records provide structured data or the required information. A record review company becomes a real partner with its client firm when it is also entrusted the job of summarization of the medical records, which is the last step in the data – information transformation process.

If the efficiency, productivity and value of an organization are to improve with a healthy partnership with a service provider, the following should hold true.

  • The provider must have the capability and experience along with the required knowledge to ensure a comprehensive solution, processing all required medical-legal documents.
  • Information doesn’t come easily. The provider must have the necessary resources to gather accurate, relevant and undisclosed information that may be crucial to the case.
  • The solution provided should ideally be internet based, providing flexibility and ease of access.
  • Most importantly, apart from being comprehensive the solution provided must bring benefits such as cost-effectiveness, faster information retrieval and better outcomes thereby ensuring improved ROI.

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