Key Tips to Maximize a Personal Injury Claim Settlement

by | Published on Nov 29, 2019 | Medical Record Review

There are different kinds of personal injuries. Ranging from a car accident to a slip and fall, personal injury cases may cover a broad range of incidents. Filing a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation can be a lengthy and challenging process. If the claim is not a minor one or if the plaintiff is seeking future damages, it is critical to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle the claim. The lawyer will collect all of the relevant medical records and bills related to the injury and review them to check how it will work as perfect evidence to win the case. Reliable medical record retrieval services are now available to help busy lawyers ease their reviewing tasks.

Often, injured people are confused as to how to file their claims and whether they will get a fair compensation. Here are some tips (that most lawyers may endorse) that will help maximize a plaintiff’s personal injury claim compensation.

Save all evidences

It is important to begin preserving evidence as soon as possible after an accident happens. To collect evidence, consider –

  • taking photographs of the accident scene and visible injuries such as swelling, cuts and bruises
  • recording the accident location and noting down the street name, number and landmarks, or other location details
  • collecting witness contact details or information of other persons who may have relevant information
  • reporting the incident to the police and to the landowner, if the injury occurred injured on another person’s property
  • tracking any video surveillance cameras in the surrounding area that may have recorded the incident.

Get treatment for injuries

The injured person must make sure to get necessary medical treatments after the injury, as documentation from healthcare professionals and their treatment plans are clear evidences for the claim. Such evidences can lead to fair payments for the injuries sustained. Such clear and valid documentation can also encourage the insurer to offer a higher settlement. Also, the injured person must follow the recommended treatment plan including physical therapy and treatment for post-traumatic stress so that you get the maximum compensation benefits. Accurate records must be maintained regarding all the costs and expenses related to the injury as well as all prescriptions and medicines taken.

Early filing is important

Filing the injury claim late is a critical mistake many people make. This could even lead to claim denials. It is important to be aware of filing time limits and deadlines. The case must be filed as soon as possible after the injury, as this will provide enough time to gather evidence formally. Failing to seek treatment for the injuries can even reduce the value of the claim, as the defense will argue that the injuries needed only minimal medical attention. Filing a police report soon after the incident can help obtain necessary details such as the names and contact information of the other parties involved.

Stay away from social media during the case

Insurance companies as well as defense attorneys will monitor the plaintiff’s activities online such as comments on posts or photographs posted on social media sites. Such activities may also turn as evidence against the claimed injuries. Photographs could be used to prove that the plaintiff has made a complete recovery and is only exaggerating their symptoms to win the case.

Negotiate and do not accept the insurer’s first offer

Insurance adjusters typically offer only a low settlement amount or may even deny liability in the first stage. A claim may take a year or longer to be resolved. A lawyer would check whether an offer made is reasonable or not.They will focus on protecting their client’s interests when negotiating with an insurance company. Plaintiffs must also avoid signing any documents or forms without fully understanding the content. An experienced lawyer can help plaintiffs avoid any costly mistake that could negatively affect their claim.

Before a claim is filed, it must be ensured that the plaintiff’s insurance policy covers such accidents. Remember that any evidence provided could affect the compensation benefits. An experienced attorney with the support of a medical review company would follow up all the case details and work towards securing a better claim settlement for their clients.

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