How Is Medical Chart Review Useful for Defective Medical Device Lawyers?

by | Published on Nov 27, 2023 | Medical Chart Review

Defective medical device cases lean heavily on intricate medical details. Therefore, to build strong cases, attorneys representing victims need to understand the contents of the relevant medical records. This is possible through a comprehensive medical chart review. Typically, the medical products involved in such cases include catheters, pacemakers, artificial joints, pelvic mesh, hip implants, blood clot filters and insulin devices. Injuries are caused by medical device defects such as poor design, manufacturing defects, and medical failure device during use. Once an injury claim is made, the relevant medical records are obtained for review. Chart review involves a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history, diagnostic tests, treatment plans, healthcare provider notations and so on.

As the cornerstone of the legal strategy, the medical records review seeks to provide clarity regarding the sequence of events that led to the medical device-related injuries or complications. It is preferably done by medical review experts. Every important detail, ranging from prior medical conditions and treatments to post-device implantation care and documented symptoms, that is extracted from the records help piece together a coherent and compelling case.

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Significance of Medical Chart Review

  • To Have a Clear Understanding of the Patient’s Medical History

    A thorough medical chart review helps lawyers gain a complete understanding of the patient’s medical history. For example, in cases involving faulty implants, understanding prior surgeries, medical conditions, and treatments becomes critical in establishing causation. In the case of a patient who experiences complications related to a defective hip implant, the medical records will reveal prior issues such as osteoporosis or previous joint complications that could impact the current claim.

  • To Establish Causation and Complications

    Medical records review helps establish a direct link between the defective device and the patient’s complications. Lawyers look for discrepancies or anomalies in records that may indicate adverse effects linked to the faulty device. In a case involving a malfunctioning cardiac device, a detailed review of the medical chart may disclose irregularities in device readings or unexpected patient symptoms after implantation, supporting the claim of device failure.

  • To Provide Evidentiary Support and Expert Testimony

    Medical records serve as crucial evidence in legal proceedings. They provide a foundation for expert testimony, enabling professionals to validate claims and strengthen the case. For example, when representing a client injured by a faulty pacemaker, lawyers might seek the support of medical experts who, backed by detailed chart reviews, can testify about the device’s failure based on recorded patient symptoms and device data.

  • To Understand the Treatments Provided and Their Impact

    Chart reviews aid lawyers in understanding the treatment protocol followed by healthcare providers after the device implantation. This comprehension is key in highlighting the impact of device failure on the patient’s life. For a case involving a defective insulin pump causing severe hypoglycemic episodes, an exhaustive review might reveal inconsistencies in device settings or erratic glucose readings, supporting the claim of device malfunction.

  • The Medical Record Review Process

    1. Initial Gathering of Medical Records: Gather all pertinent medical records related to the client’s injury or the alleged product liability. These include hospital records, physician notes, diagnostic tests, treatment plans, and any pertinent correspondence. It is important to make precise requests for medical records to ensure that all relevant information directly related to the incident in question is included.
    2. Meticulous Analysis and Review of the records: Carefully review each document, focusing on timelines, treatment procedures, and notes made by healthcare professionals. Scrutinize any discrepancies or irregularities in the records. Collaborate with medical experts at a medical record review company or consultants to understand complex medical terminology, understand diagnostic findings, and identify potential areas of concern or negligence.
    3. Establishing Correlation and Causation: Identify and work out the sequence of events leading up to the injury or the product liability incident. Correlate the documented information with the client’s account of the events. Look for any indications within the records that suggest negligence, product failure, or errors in medical care that could have contributed to the injury.
    4. Developing Evidentiary Support: The facts extracted from the medical records serve as the foundation for substantiating claims. Extract specific data, reports, or notations that corroborate the legal arguments. Also, leverage expert testimony based on the medical chart review findings to strengthen the case and increase credibility.
    5. Formulating a Legal Strategy: Utilize insights garnered from the review to articulate a comprehensive legal strategy. This includes identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential avenues for litigation or negotiation. Coordinate with the legal team to align legal theories and arguments with the evidence revealed during the medical chart review.

    Medical Record Review Services – a Boon for Attorneys

    In personal injury law, medical review services provide significant advantages to attorneys. Providers help streamline the complex and time-consuming process of reviewing the medical records, and make critical insights and advantages available for attorneys. Here are the key benefits:

    Access to Excellent Expertise and Efficiency

    Medical record review is provided by professionals having expertise in medical terminology and documentation intricacies. They efficiently analyze the voluminous medical records, extracting pertinent information, thus saving attorneys significant time and effort.

    Comprehensive Review of the Medical Chart

    Expert medical record reviewers conduct a comprehensive analysis of the medical records, identifying crucial details, including diagnoses, treatments, and potential areas of concern. They highlight important data points, discrepancies, or potential red flags within the records that could strengthen the legal case.

    Assistance in Case Preparation

    By providing attorneys with a clear understanding of medical histories and treatment protocols, these services assist in building strong, evidence-based cases. The extracted information helps strengthen legal arguments and supports claims by providing concrete medical evidence.

    Dedicated Collaboration and Expert Input

    Many medical record review services collaborate with medical professionals or consultants. This collaboration facilitates deeper insights and clarifications on complex medical aspects. Services may also help in preparing expert witnesses by extracting complex medical information and converting it into accessible and compelling testimony.

    Increased Accuracy and Legal Strategy

    Medical review services help reduce the chances of missing critical details within medical records, mitigating errors or oversights that could impact the case outcome. Armed with well-organized and thoroughly reviewed medical records, attorneys can design strategic legal approaches more effectively.

    Medical record review services play an indispensable role in supporting personal injury and product liability attorneys throughout the legal process. Their expertise, efficiency, and ability to extract crucial medical information significantly strengthen the preparation and presentation of cases, ultimately contributing to obtaining justice for the attorneys’ clients.

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