How Claimants Can Support Attorneys in Documenting Accident Reports

by | Published on Mar 10, 2021 | Medical Review Services

In this blog post, we discuss how claimants can support attorneys in documenting accident reports. Proper documentation of injuries and evidence of damages are crucial to win an accident lawsuit and receive deserving compensation. Good evidence and relevant medical records can make all the difference in the outcome of a car accident case. Lawyers supporting claimants have to gather as much evidence as possible about the crash such as how it happened, and how it affected the injured. Medical records collected to support the case can be organized and summarized with the support of professional medical review services provided by experienced providers. The more the documentation available to support the claim for injuries and other damages, the more likely it is to obtain a fair car accident settlement.

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Supporting the Claim: Effective Documentation for Accident Lawsuits

The injured person can gather evidence of the events leading up to the accident, claims of physical injury, and claims for lost wages. Such evidence can be of great support for attorneys to prove the other person’s negligence which led to the crash. Evidence may include diverse documents showing proof of the accident – police reports, witness statements or photos of the injuries, medical bills and records, testimony, and loss of income estimates.

Claimants can consider taking the following steps to document their injuries and help attorneys win the case.

Take Photographs of the Scene and Injuries

Taking photographs of the accident scene is one of the best ways to document evidence. If possible, victims can consider clicking pictures of their own injuries, the damage sustained by the vehicle in multiple angles, and the location where the accident took place. Such images can help attorneys prove the opponent’s fault in the accident. Make sure to document as much as possible, even if the injury or damage is quite small.

Seek Medical Attention and Collect Relevant Records

Consider getting medical treatment soon after the incident. Make sure to collect each and every record that supports the hospital visit, treatment taken, and the costs of treating car accident injuries.

Consider organizing a medical file that contains records such as:

Consider organizing a medical file that contains records

Save copies of questionnaires, benefit letters, and other documentation received from the insurance company. Immediate medical treatment and related reports help attorneys prove that their client’s injury was directly caused by the accident.

Collect Witness Statement

Witness statements are key evidence in an accident case. Collect all the details of the witnesses present at the accident scene. Take notes of witness names, phone numbers, home address, email address and key points they remember about the accident. Attorneys can use such information to build an accurate interpretation of the events that occurred before and during the accident. Such notes can be of use in filing a claim for compensation too.

Document Physical and Psychological Changes after the Accident

The victim must make sure to document his/her physical and mental conditions, thoughts and the condition of the injuries after an accident. They must maintain a journal and make a note of any mental issues such as stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, or confusion experienced in the course of the treatment. Also, any additional damage that is not included in a personal injury claim such as pain and suffering or mental distress can be noted. Such notes can be used to prove non-economic damages resulting from another party’s negligence.

Lawyers may request the claimant to summarize the events surrounding the accident in their own version, or create a timeline leading up to the crash. By collecting all evidences and documents related to the incident, victims can make an accurate timeline of the accident and its aftermath. Proper medical records organization is another support solution available for law firms and attorneys handling personal injury lawsuits.

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