Healthcare Cyber Security Tips for Medical Records Review

by | Published on Feb 8, 2023 | Medical Record Review

Cybersecurity awareness is significant for all industries, especially healthcare, as there is so much confidential, sensitive, and expensive patient information at stake. Confidential information mainly includes protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, and financial data such as credit card/debit card, bank account numbers and more. Not only healthcare organizations, providers of medical review services should also be aware of the importance of cybersecurity. Such firms assisting healthcare facilities have to ensure that sensitive patient healthcare information is not exposed to unauthorized disclosure, access, modification, or destruction.

Cyber Security Measures for Medical Record Review

Healthcare Cyber Security

Use cloud-based healthcare software

  • cloud uses multiple redundant facilities to store data

Staff training on cyber security protocols

  • train staff on the latest healthcare security protocols

Set a strong and unique password

  • avoid using the same password for everything

Restrict access to PHI

  • provide records access only to authorized personnel

Regular risk evaluations

  • evaluation can be done by the IT team or external agencies

Ensure hard drive encryption

  • encryption prevents hackers from stealing digital data

Have a layered defense system

  • cybercriminals won’t be able to access the protected data

Healthcare organizations as well as their support services that experience data breach have to pay very high penalties for any such breach. Having a good data security plan will help you move forward before and after an attack. Strict protocols can tighten the protection of important data.

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