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Exchangeable and Fully Functional EHRs – A Firm Stride Towards Improved Care Provision

EHRsDigital technology has dramatically transformed the world we live in and the way we communicate. Tablets, smartphones and web-enabled devices rule the world today, and are proving to be especially beneficial in the field of Medicine, where information is paramount. Electronic health records allow a seamless flow of information and bring a positive impact on the way care is delivered. With EHRs information is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

According to recent news, the Iowa Health Information Network has been linked up with Nebraska’s Health Information Initiative. The two states can now easily exchange medical records electronically, which makes it convenient for Iowans on the western side of the state seeking medical care. The authorities assure that it is done via a direct secure email that allows sending health information across state lines. People coming from a small community in Iowa to the Omaha area hospitals can transfer their medical records via this secure email.

The email system is safe and secure; they also identify the person sending the email and ensure that the recipient is someone who is verified as being able to receive that information. Undoubtedly, this is an important landmark in the healthcare system of the two states as well as a firm and confident stride towards the development of a reliable national healthcare information exchange system. Moreover, an efficient and comprehensive medical record system makes processes such as medical record review easier.

Here are some of the advantages of fully functional and exchangeable EHRs.

  • Providers benefit from more complete patient information, and can take well-informed and quick treatment decisions.
  • Increase patient participation in their care
  • Enhance the quality and convenience of patient care
  • Ensure accurate diagnoses and improved health outcomes
  • Improve care coordination
  • Boost practice efficiencies and cost savings.

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