Different Types of Mass Torts That Need Chart Review

by | Published on Mar 6, 2023 | Medical Record Review

Mass tort lawsuits mostly involve negligence, product liability, or intentional tort claims. These personal injury cases require chart review for many plaintiffs who have been injured or taken ill. Plaintiff attorneys can rely on professional medical review solutions to evaluate the medical charts of their clients to determine the legal validity of each plaintiff’s claim. In a mass tort lawsuit, the plaintiffs have a similar claim against one product, drug, company, disaster, policy and so on. The multiple plaintiffs involved are not required to file their case at the same time or even meet throughout the mass tort lawsuit. Comprehensive review of the medical records provides the medical evidence that enables the attorney to take up only those cases that have merit.

Mass Tort Cases That Require Chart Review

Different Types of Mass Torts That Need Chart Review

Product liability lawsuits involving hazardous or dangerous products

Product liability mass torts involve products with –

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects

Defective medical devices and drugs

Cases involve –

  • drugs that cause unintended side effects
  • medical devices with inherent defects that harm patients

Exposure to poisonous or toxic substances

Mass toxic torts involve –

  • injury due to exposure to some chemicals or toxins
  • defective products that expose plaintiffs to such toxins

Natural disasters

This mass tort is related to –

  • injuries sustained from natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes

Man-made disasters

These disasters that cause injuries to hundreds of people include –

  • fires in residential complexes
  • explosion at a manufacturing plant

Medical records serve as critical evidence to prove that an injury occurred, its nature, impact, and expenses involved. Accurate medical record review helps to extract crucial evidence. Proper review requires specific medical knowledge and training to clearly understand the content of the records and determine which data or details are relevant and which are not. A professional medical review company can support attorneys with a comprehensive review, well-organized medical records, and a good medical case summary. Easy access to all relevant data such as important procedures or surgeries, standard of care, severity of the injury, and so on pertaining to each claimant will help attorneys present the claim successfully.

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