Competitive Advantage for Lawyers through Advanced Medical Records Processing

December 17, 2012| Last modified on December 30th, 2019 Julie Clements 0 Comments

Medical records are storehouses of valuable evidence required in injury claims. However, the data available is unstructured and rather complex. If a person untrained in the medical aspects attempts to decipher the information, it can result in errors and consume a lot of time. Organizing, analyzing, indexing and reviewing medical records is a highly labor intensive process that also demands exceptional patience and skill on the part of the reviewer.

Lawyers aiming to optimize their practice and achieve a competitive advantage can do so cost effectively with the support of a reliable medical record review company. The benefit of such a tie-up is that busy legal professionals receive structured information that will help them make immediate and informed decisions.

Advanced medical records processing provided by reputable medical review firms involve organizing, indexing, summarizing and analyzing of the records by medical/legal professionals experienced in providing such service. The processed data is available for anytime, anywhere access by legal professionals.

  • The records are sorted, indexed, and arranged chronologically
  • Concise medical case summaries are provided with important points highlighted
  • Missing records are identified

Optimize in-house Resources and Enjoy Additional Benefits

Outsourcing medical record review is a smart decision because it enables legal professionals to optimize in-house resources. Attorneys, paralegals and other office staff can focus on reviewing the readily available information instead of tussling with the medical records and trying to make sense out of the complex data. There are other benefits too in the offing.

  • Benefit from excellent medical record review solutions without investing in new technology and the associated delays and risks.
  • The medical review firm provides a central storehouse for all medical records enabling large savings in office space.
  • Cost savings up to 40%.
  • Round-the-clock, customized service

A medical record review company with many years experience in the industry is thus a solid pillar of support for lawyers, assisting them at every step in trial preparation and helping them achieve that competitive edge.

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