Achieve HIPAA Compliance and Manage Risks with Outsourcing

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HIPAA violation is a serious offence and can result in huge penalties. Confidentiality of patient medical records needs to be maintained when they are released. Whether in paper or electronic format, the personal data of patients has to be protected. However, breaches do occur in HIPAA compliance and very often these stem from indiscretion or callousness on the part of your office staff. Take for instance, the medical records handled in a legal or medical practice as part of the medical record review process. These documents have to be carefully handled so that there is no mix-up, loss or tampering. Understandably enough, the office staff already having their hands full with administrative tasks, may fumble when dealing with medical records. This is mainly because it is not their core duty. Inadvertently, they end up breaking some rule or regulation of the HIPAA.

Managing the Risk with Outsourcing

To err is human. However, you can considerably reduce the extent and intensity of errors with the support of an external agency. This agency is a medical record review company that undertakes medical record review as its core business process. Costly errors are radically minimized just because you have professional medical reviewers on the job. What does such an outsourcing firm have which you may not have?

  • Professional staff dedicated to providing medical record review. Handling sensitive patient data without bringing about any data bleeding is second nature to them.
  • Automated systems with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Flawless QA system to strictly monitor the storage, indexing, scanning and release of your medical records.
  • Use of intricate security mechanisms, with firewalls, passwords and state-of-the-art encryption standards.
  • Detailed background checks for all staff they recruit.

A reputable and dedicated medical review firm will share your business risks, taking the burden of responsibility on their shoulders. Since safeguarding against any kind of HIPAA violation becomes their lookout, the outsourcing firm provides comprehensive training to their staff regarding what to avoid when dealing with medical information. On your part, whether you are a medical or legal entity, you get to do what you’d like to do. Peace of mind, employee satisfaction and enhanced practice functioning are the other major benefits thrown into the bargain.

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