3 Scenarios Where You Can Lose Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Published on Mar 8, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Social security disability benefits that are granted on the basis of a comprehensive medical records review support tens of millions of Americans. Many of these people cannot afford to lose this valuable benefit. However, there are certain ways in which beneficiaries could lose their disability benefits. Here are three possible scenarios.

  1. When the disability ends: You will stop receiving disability benefits once you earn enough money to cross over a certain income threshold. For the year 2017, these amounts are $1,170 per month for most people, and $1,950 per month for those who are blind. Disability benefits can stop any time that the SSA determines that you are not disabled any more.
  2. If a person remarries when receiving spousal benefits on the ex-spouse’s work history: Divorced spouses can claim benefits on their ex-spouse’s work history if they have been married for 10 years. These benefits are available as long as the ex-spouse is alive, and after that it is changed to survival benefits. However, if the person remarries, he or she will no longer be eligible for the benefits. They can then collect spousal benefits only on the basis of the current spouse’s work history. However, ex-spouse survivor benefits can be claimed even if you remarry, as long as you don’t remarry until you reach the age of 60.
  3. When a child reaches a certain age: Children of eligible workers who are under age 18, in high school and not above 19, or disabled at some point before their 22nd birthday can receive child benefits under social security. The worker’s spouse can get the benefits when caring for the worker’s child, as long as the child is disabled or under age 16. These benefits are available irrespective of the spouse’s age. When the child is older than the age limit, the benefits stop. When a child reaches age 16, the parent is no longer able to receive those benefits.

In the above three scenarios, social security benefits stop and beneficiaries need to be aware of this possibility.

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